Like most players in the MLB, Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson has a set game glove in addition to a set warmup/backup glove. This post serves as a complete guide to both gloves, including a look at the details that shape each of Dansby Swanson’s gloves.

Dansby Swanson’s Game Glove: Wilson A2K 1787

With one of the cleanest looks in the MLB, Dansby Swanson’s blonde and navy glove is a true joy to look at from any angle. This section of the post serves as guide to Dansby Swanson’s game glove, including a look at his clean colorway, his pattern choice, and the meaning of Swanson’s custom embroidery.

Dansby Swanson is a budding Glove Design Maestro – Just look at his Game Glove

Dansby Swanson kept the design on his game glove simple – he combined a classic blonde base with Atlanta Braves-themed navy-blue lacing and navy/red logos. To top off his game glove, Swanson went with tone-on-tone stitching and navy-blue embroidery to keep the blonde leather as fluid as possible.

Topping off Wilson’s blonde, one of the cleanest colors on the market, with navy and red in select areas was clearly an excellent choice. Not only is Dansby Swanson’s Glove super fresh, it is easily one of the nicest-looking gloves in the entire pro ranks.

Swanson’s Pattern Choice: Go Bigger

Humans have an innate instinct to follow a group, so it comes at no surprise that Dansby Swanson joined the young corps of shortstops that are normalizing the use of 11.75” gloves at short. Leaders of this group include Francisco Lindor (Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-2KB), Carlos Correa (Wilson A2000 1787), and now Swanson.

Instead of going with the 11.5” Wilson 1786 model he used throughout college and during a part of his short time in the minors, Dansby Swanson went with the slightly larger Wilson A2K 1787 model. Dansby Swanson’s game glove is characterized by an 11.75” length, I-web, and medium depth pocket, and is perfect for picking it at shortstop.

Dansby Swanson's Glove: Custom Wilson A2K 1787

Special Features – Embroidery

As you can see above, Dansby Swanson’s glove is embroidered with “All Dai.” Here is what this seemingly cryptic text means, according to

The leather that will rest upon his left thumb is adorned with the words “All Dai”, a tribute to Parker, who was 22-years-old when he drowned after being involved in a tubing accident on an Indiana lake.

“It impacts a lot of people just because of the legacy he left behind,” Swanson said. “Just to be able to wear that every day and to keep him close to me is pretty cool.”

Swanson met Parker as they were playing high school basketball in metro Atlanta and developed a bond with him when they both matriculated to Vanderbilt. He proudly put “All Dai” on his glove last year, his first professional season, which was highlighted by his August promotion to the Major League level.

Mark Bowman,

This video should give you some insight into Swanson’s glove embroidery:

Dansby Swanson’s Backup Glove: Wilson A2000 1787

After using the blonde Wilson A2K 1787 for the entire 2016 season (and planned to use it again in 2017), Dansby Swanson thought it was a good idea to get a backup glove in case his game glove happened to break down.

Dansby Swanson's Glove: Custom Wilson A2000 1787

Again, another awesome Colorway

Dansby Swanson utilized one of the most underused Wilson colors, dark brown, as the featured color on his backup glove. In addition to this dark brown base, this glove has navy-blue lacing, stitching, welting, and binding. Swanson’s backup glove is topped off with the same navy/red logos he has on his game glove.

Like his game glove, Dansby Swanson’s backup glove combines a classic base with the Atlanta Braves’ main colors. However, Swanson’s backup glove has a little bit more navy (on both the welting and stitching) than his game glove, making it the slightly flashier glove.

Wilson A2000 1787 - Dansby Swanson Game Model

A look at why Swanson chose A2000 over A2K

Dansby Swanson used an A2000 throughout his entire college career (college players get free A2000’s form Wilson) and later an A2K throughout his short (so far) MiLB and MLB career. This could be considered a thorough A2K vs. A2000 test, and Swanson seemed to use that “testing” to determine if his next glove would be an A2000 or A2K.

Swanson’s backup glove is an: A2000. He claims to like the thinner feel to the A2000 as opposed to the strategically thicker A2K, which in turn makes the glove easier to squeeze and allows him to feel the ball more.  This video should give you some more insight into his decision:

Other Notes

Swanson’s backup glove features both the same pattern (1787) and embroidery (“All Dai”) as his now-game glove. Therefore, there is no need to quibble on details we already discussed.

Which one is better?

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