Daniel Norris’ Glove: Custom Wilson A2K DW5

Daniel Norris has been rumored to own an envious 50 glove collection. But, just like any baseball player with one or even fifty gloves, Norris likes to stick to one game glove for the entire year. This year, Daniel Norris’ Glove is a custom Wilson A2K DW5.

Daniel Norris' Glove: Custom Wilson A2K DW5

Norris’ choice of a Wilson A2K DW5 is sort of a head scratcher. Typically, pitchers want something with: a) a closed web, and b) a pattern that is actually built for a pitcher. Considering the DW5 is a pattern built by David Wright for third basemen, it’s an odd choice for Norris.

While the DW5 12″, a size that is popular among pitchers, the strange part is the web. Like mentioned earlier, pitchers want a closed web to hide their grip. Meanwhile, the H-web is considered an “open” web.

Although the H-web does allow the batter to get only the smallest peek at the grip, pitchers like Norris are starting to like the H-web. It’s more flexible and deeper than the typical Wilson pitcher’s webs, like the two-piece web and trapeze loop. Pitchers are falling in love this flexibility and depth, and Norris looks like he is at the forefront of this.

Daniel Norris' Glove: Custom Wilson A2K DW5

Besides the pattern, the colorway is a little funky as well. While the all vintage tan look is simple and clean, the gray and Wilson yellow logos are different, but a Daniel Norris special.

The general consensus is that Vintage tan is one of the nicest A2K colors that Wilson makes. From the pictures, it is a lighter tan color. It is so clean, and Norris is known for classic tan colors like orange tan and now vintage tan. Daniel Norris’ Glove also has some pop with the logos, and while they are odd, they pop.

Overall, Daniel Norris’ Glove looks fire, despite how odd the logos are. Here is a look at just the design:

Daniel Norris' Glove: Custom Wilson A2K DW5

In a video with Wilson:

… Norris talked about his glove collection and a bit about the glove we are featuring in this article. But, the most important (to us) thing is that Norris’ goal is to eventually have his own model. Until more pitchers convert to using H-web gloves on the mound, Norris’ dream would most likely not come true. We’ll see.


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  1. Are you certain it is his gamer? I believe he is using it (H web) in the spring training only. Game highlights show me that he uses closed web as same as other pitchers do.

  2. Are you sure the logos are gray and Wilson yellow? and not gun metal gray? looks a bit shiny, for gray.

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