For the second straight year, Daniel Murphy chose the stock offering of the Wilson A2K 1787 as his game glove. With so many pro’s choosing to customize their gloves, it’s surprising to see one player who does now. Here is Daniel Murphy’s Glove:

Daniel Murphy's Glove: Wilson A2K 1787

Another surprising aspect of Murphy’s glove is the size. From the data we gathered of the MLB second basemen’s glove, Murphy’s use of an 11.75″ was an outlier. Most used 11.5″, some used 11.25″, and Murphy and one other player used 11.75″. Somehow, Murphy still let’s the ball get under his rather big second base glove:

Onto the colorway.

I do not blame Daniel Murphy one bit for choosing the stock Wilson A2K 1787 over a custom option. The Wilson A2K is already a beautiful glove, and it avoids the strenuous customization step that agonizes the player. With its blonde and black base, the 1787 beats most glove in sheer looks.

Daniel Murphy’s Glove is a beauty, and its available as a stock option.

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