Corey Seager's Glove: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200-6JB
Source: Harry How/Getty Images North America

After finding some information on Corey Seager’s glove, we write this brief article overviewing his glove.

Colorway of Corey Seager’s Glove

Based on the pictures, it was easy to determine that Corey Seager’s glove has a simple black colorway with red embroidery. In the above game shot, you can see that Seager has put a lot of use on his glove. The labels are starting to fade, and the leather looks a bit worn. But, new, Corey Seager’s glove is stunning:

Corey Seager's Glove: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200-6JB

Technical Info

To much of our surprise, Corey Seager uses Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide line. With many younger Rawlings-sponsored shortstops using the Pro Preferred line, we were surprised to find out that Seager uses the Steerhide line.


In our studies of the MLB shortstop’s gloves, we found that a fair amount of shortstops used the H-web. Seager uses this web, and uses an 11.5″ glove. The official pattern model is PRO200-6JB. There is a PRO200-6JB just like his glove in a comparable colorway and pattern:

rawlings heart of the hide pro200-6jbpro

…But it is a limited edition glove.

In general, I like Corey Seager’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200-6JB. The semi-stock remake of his glove feels really nice, and the colorway is simple yet very nice.


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