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Corey Kluber’s Glove: Mizuno Pro Limited in Navy

Before we jump into Corey Kluber’s Glove, let me tell you that Corey Kluber is one of the filthiest pitchers on the planet. Just look at this:

His curveball is straight dirty. Nobody wants to face that. He’s a Cy Young winner, and is currently tearing it up in the postseason.

Enough about his pitching, let’s start on his glove. Here’s a pic of Kluber with his glove and his battery mate, Yan Gomes:

Corey Kluber's Glove: Mizuno Global Elite GGE11NY

He uses a Mizuno Pro Limited in a Navy Color. It is 12″, has a basket web (or Tartan web, what Mizuno calls a basket web), and is all-navy. Pretty much the perfect pitcher’s pattern. Here is a better look at his glove:

Mizuno Global Elite GGE11NY

The creamish logos look great on the navy color. The navy color perfectly matches the Indians’ colors, navy and red. Kluber used to have a navy glove with red logos, but now he has a navy glove with cream logos. Here’s a palm picture of his current glove:

Mizuno Global Elite GGE11NY

To sum things up, Corey Kluber’s Glove is a navy blue and cream Mizuno Pro Limited. Mizuno doesn’t offer a Pro Limited in Navy, but a Global Elite model (steerhide, comparable to an A2000) is available in this exact colorway.

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