Before we jump into Corey Kluber’s Glove, let me tell you that Corey Kluber is one of the filthiest pitchers on the planet. Just look at this:

His curveball is straight dirty. Nobody wants to face that. He’s a Cy Young winner, and is currently tearing it up in the postseason.

Enough about his pitching, let’s start on his glove. Here’s a pic of Kluber with his glove and his battery mate, Yan Gomes:

Corey Kluber's Glove: Mizuno Global Elite GGE11NY

He uses a Mizuno Pro Limited in a Navy Color. It is 12″, has a basket web (or Tartan web, what Mizuno calls a basket web), and is all-navy. Pretty much the perfect pitcher’s pattern. Here is a better look at his glove:

Mizuno Global Elite GGE11NY

The creamish logos look great on the navy color. The navy color perfectly matches the Indians’ colors, navy and red. Kluber used to have a navy glove with red logos, but now he has a navy glove with cream logos. Here’s a palm picture of his current glove:

Mizuno Global Elite GGE11NY

To sum things up, Corey Kluber’s Glove is a navy blue and cream Mizuno Pro Limited. Mizuno doesn’t offer a Pro Limited in Navy, but a Global Elite model (steerhide, comparable to an A2000) is available in this exact colorway.

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