Clayton Kershaw’s Glove: Wilson A2000 CK22

A baseball player’s love for a glove is unlike anything else. Clayton Kershaw knows this well, as he has been using the same model since the beginning of his career. Clayton Kershaw’s glove is so old that the color has started to fade in the palm and it’s starting to rip, but the pictures don’t show it. Take a look at Clayton Kershaw’s glove:

Clayton Kershaw’s glove is so old that it is modeled “B2” instead of “CK22,” Kershaw’s own model that was first put into production three or four years ago. The CK22 was an exact replica of the old B2 pattern by a different name, sharing its 11.75″ length and two piece web.

Kershaw’s model also features a finger hood that he does not even use. His glove does not even have his name on it. Conclusion: Kershaw picked this glove out of a glove bag rookie year, and has not let go of it yet. This picture shows a CK22 that was made for Kershaw a few years back:

Clayton Kershaw's Glove: Wilson A2000 CK22

Like a lot of pitchers, Kershaw keeps it clean. Clayton Kershaw’s glove is a plain black glove with Wilson yellow logos. However, Kershaw’s pitching style is anything but boring, as his curveball is just nasty and his fastball is straight heat.

Wilson made Clayton Kershaw’s glove a stock glove a few years ago, and have not kicked it out of the stock lineup since. It sells well with pitchers that like to emulate the best pitcher in the game.

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Wilson A2000 CK22: $250


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  1. He’s used it for every career start they just said that the next one he gets will be a ck22.

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