• August may mean back to school for some (while others are gearing up for the year), the month change means another thing: the Wilson Glove of the Month August is now available.
  • The GOTM August is one of the coolest models released this year: the Daniel Norris Game Model, a model many have been calling to be released.
  • Although your eyes can do a good portion of the talking, this post hopes to clear up some more pertinent information about the latest installment of the Glove of the Month Program.  

A look at the GOTM August's colorway

Wilson Glove of the Month August 2017 Daniel Norris’ Wilson A2K DW5 2
  • The Wilson Glove of the Month August's colorway features an all-Vintage Tan base, Vegas gold lacing, and gray/Wilson yellow logos. 
  • This design was created by Daniel Norris before the start of the 2017 MLB season. You can read more about this later in this article. 
  • This is one of the few Vintage Tan glove left in circulation, as Wilson has not released a stock-ish VT glove in years. 

Our Take on the GOTM August's Colorway

I have been a huge fan of this design ever since Daniel Norris' Glove was showcased by Wilson in Spring Training. The Vintage Tan look is simply amazingly clean, and the logos are surprisingly beautiful.


Although the GOTm August is Technically a Pitcher's Glove, it Features a 3b Pattern

Wilson Glove of the Month August 2017 Daniel Norris’ Wilson A2K DW5 2
  • Because of it direct linkage to Daniel Norris, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, the Wilson Glove of the Month August is generally considered a pitcher's glove.
  • However, this mitt is a Wilson A2K DW5 - the pattern created by New York Mets third basemen David Wright.
  • The DW5 pattern is characterized by its 12 inch length, H-web, and extra long and deep pocket design, all of which are perfect for the hot corner.
  • Despite its portrayal as a 3B mitt, a deeper look into this pattern reveals that it may work on the mound: the length and pocket depth are perfect, and the H-web generally provides good grip concealment. 

Our Take on the DW5 PAttern

Personally, I am not a huge fan of the DW5's narrower width, but it does seem to work well for others at the hot corner and also seems to be a good fit for the bump. 


The GOTM August is a Replica of Daniel Norris' Glove

Daniel Norris' Glove: Custom Wilson A2K DW5
  • Wilson first released pictures of Daniel Norris' in the Spring Training of 2016, and even went as far as to make a Glove Day video for him and his mitt.
  • Over a year later, Daniel Norris' has finally reached the open market as a limited edition glove. Whether this is a response to the many pleas by Wilson glove fanatics is unknown, however. 
  • All of the aspects of the Wilson Glove of the Month August are replicated from Daniel Norris' glove, save for the "Just Keep Livin'" embroidery on Norris' mitt. 

The GOTM August Packs only the Highest-Quality MAterials

Wilson Glove of the Month August 2017 Daniel Norris’ Wilson A2K DW5 2
  • As is the case with all of Wilson's top-of-the-line series, the A2K, the Wilson Glove of the Month August features high-quality and durable materials.
  • The most important material is the GOTM's Pro Stock Select leather, a smooth, thick, and extremely durable American Steerhide. 
  • In addition, this A2K comes with Double Palm Construction - a technology that inserts a thin piece of leather underneath the palm for a firmer and more durable pocket - and an ultra-soft liner.
  • If taken care of correctly, an A2K model like this will last you a lifetime. 

Our Take on the GOTM August's MAterials

As you seen in all of our posts about A2K gloves, we always rate the mitt's materials deservedly well, because they are indeed very good. However, Wilson needs to simply improve their lace.



Wilson Glove of the Month August 2017 Daniel Norris’ Wilson A2K DW5
  • The Wilson Glove of the Month August is perfect if you want to pitch with something that is very flexible yet not considered a pitcher's glove, even though it would work well on the mound.
  • In addition, the awesome (and quite rare) colorway on this GOTM add more appeal to this mitt.
  • Lastly, the GOTM will be the ideal glove if you are willing to drop a pretty penny - anywhere from $349.99 to $379.99, depending on retailer - for a top quality glove.

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