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Wilson is the best selling glove company among recreational players. Wilson Baseball Gloves are divided into many different series, but we will mostly feature two:

  • A2K: Wilson’s top line, retailing for $360. Features Wilson top 5% leather and the softest liner I have ever felt. A2K’s are so nice to use and are very durable. The 2017 A2K’s (blonde and black) are so nice. You can shop A2K models here.
  • A2000: Wilson’s most popular line, retailing for $250. A2000’s feature Wilson famous Pro Stock leather that is durable and keeps its shape. Every A2000 I have seen new feel so nice and every used A2000 I have seen has held its shape. Shop A2000 here.

Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017 – Wilson A2000 1787SS

The Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017 is one of few truly custom gloves currently available, featuring a bold colorway, new gray Super Skin, and an 11.75″ Pattern.

Its overall features, including its pattern construction and specifications, also make it an excellent glove to take to either shortstop (go to section) or third base (go to section).

Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017

For Shortstops:

  • 1787 Pattern: Want some extra reach for shortstop? Look no further than the 1787 – its 11.75″ length, flat shape, and medium pocket depth are perfect for you.
  • 11.75″ Length: Finally reach those tough grounders in the hole with the added reach, as compared to an 11.5″ glove, this length provides.
  • Medium Pocket: You get the best of speed and security with this pocket depth, making both transfers and secure catches easy.
  • Black, Gray, and White Colorway: This is certainly an interesting design (and one that will surely stand out in the field), but it does look pretty sweet, too.
  • Gray Superskin: This newer color of Superskin lowers the weight (therefore making it more controllable) and increases the strength of an already high quality mitt.
  • Pro Stock Leather: Wilson’s most famous leather, together with their other top-notch materials and craftsmanship, makes the GOTM December a durable mitt.

Overall, you will love the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017 is you, first of all, like its design, but also want extra reach and a bit more catch security (at the slight expense of transfer time) at shortstop.

Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017

For Third Basemen

  • 1787 Pattern: This pattern will supply optimal control at third base, all while maintaining a solid length, pocket depth, and structure for the hot control.
  • 11.75″ Length: Although slightly shorter than 12″ (our favorite size for 3B), you’ll still excel at third because of the greater control you will have.
  • Medium Pocket: Quick transfers are important at third base, and this pocket depth allows you to make these swift transitions without sacrificing much catch security.
  • Black, Gray, and White Colorway: This is certainly an interesting design (and one that will surely stand out in the field), but it does look pretty sweet, too.
  • Gray Superskin: You’ll love the weight-saving, strength-increasing, and more controllable nature of this Gray Superskin when fielding hot shots at the hot corner.
  • Pro Stock Leather: You need a durable glove at third base, and Wilson’s most famous leather, top-notch materials and craftsmanship make the GOTM just that.

You’ll like the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017 if you want to stand out in the field – not only in looks, but also when you field impossible grounders, get the ball out quickly, and throw the runner out at first – at the hot corner.

Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017

Whether you’re interested in buying the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2017 for shortstop or third base, you’ll have to make a trip to your local Glove of the Month Dealer (this glove is not available online).

It will cost about $279.99 (a slight premium over the $259.99 stock price of A2000’s), but it is a limited edition glove and will cost a bit more than stock gloves. And because it is a limited edition glove, you should buy it before quantities run out.

What is Superskin? A Complete Guide

When evaluating the playability of a glove, you judge two things: how well you can control the mitt and its durability.

While all-leather Wilson gloves excel at both areas, another sector of Wilson mitts shines brighter in both aspects: Superskin models.

This synthetic material, available in black, red, blue, navy, white, and gray, has two traits: lighter weight and higher strength.

Because of these features, this is a material you want on your glove – and one that will make you a better fielder with a durable mitt.

2018 Wilson A20000 1786SS (2)


A Material Lighter than Leather

A lighter glove equals a more controllable one, and a more controllable mitt is one you can field better with.

Superskin, when utilized on the back of a Wilson mitt, makes a glove both lighter and more controllable.

The synthetic material weighs half the weight of traditional leather, according to figures released by Wilson.

In our estimations this would make a Superskin-backed mitt about 10-15% lighter than a comparable all-leather model.

You will immediately feel this weight difference after slipping on a SS mitt, and sense the greater control after taking a few groundballs.

Lighter weight = More control = Easier, more efficient fielding.

2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

A Synthetic 2X stronger than Leather

A lower weight is great, but what about the synthetic material’s durability?

Although other synthetics are less durability (particularly mesh), Superskin does not suffer the same fate.

Instead, Wilson’s proprietary microfiber is actually stronger than leather.

Wilson claims their material is twice as strong as traditional leather, and out experiences with it reaffirm the “greater strength” claim.

Our exposure to various used Wilson mitts shows Superskin mitts hold their shape better than akin all-leather gloves with similar usage.

Greater strength = More years to use your beloved mitt.

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15

What does this mean for you?

When you buy a Superskin glove, you get a lighter, more durable mitt that you can take to the field everyday.

Whether you have tried a synthetic material before or not, I know you will especially love Superskin and all its benefits.

Shop all Wilson Superskin models


Wilson Glove of the Month November 2017: Jameson Taillon’s Glove

It was May 4th when Jameson Taillon, a right-handed pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was unofficially diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had his surgery a few days later and expunged the tumor from his body, and just five weeks later he was taking the mound against the Colorado Rockies in front of an especially high-spirited crowd.

The young hurler pitched five scoreless innings against the potent Rocky Mountain offense on June 12th, his first official MLB start after returning from treatment. A few months after making that brilliant start, Taillon has teamed up with Wilson to help others affected by cancer.

Wilson Glove of the Month November 2017

This aforementioned project is the Wilson Glove of the Month November, an exact replica of Jameson Taillon’s Wilson A2K D33. It has three redeeming qualities: an excellent Vintage Tan colorway, a great pitcher’s pattern, and a great supporting cause.

This Vintage Tan colorway helps you look good on the mound, while the 11.75” pattern with a Modified Trapeze Loop web hides your grip and helps you field anything that comes your way.

Wilson GOTM November 2017

However, the best aspect of this mitt is that the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh-Cancer Care receives a portion of the proceeds from this glove. This not only makes you look good and play well on the bump, but also support a worthy cause.

You can buy the Wilson Glove of the Month November at your local Glove of the Month Dealer or on eBay.

Check out other Glove of the Month models here.

Wilson Limited Edition Gloves

A thread post to discuss and display all Wilson Limited Edition Gloves.

Baseball Monkey EXCLUSIVE: Wilson A2000 1786SS

BM Wilson A2000 1786SS

This Limited Edition Wilson A2000 1786SS, an exclusive mitt from Baseball Monkey, a large online sports retailer, is an awesome, good-looking, and unique middle infield glove. Its features make it a top option for the two positions, too: 

  • 1786 Pattern: The BM Wilson A2000 1786SS is an 11.5″ glove with an I-web shallow pocket, making it a perfect mitt for shortstop and second base.  
  • Black, White, and Gold Colorway: This limited edition glove features both a unique and awesome colorway, which will surely stand out in the middle infield. 
  • Superskin: This proprietary synthetic material lightens the weight and strengthens the 1786, making it even more durable and lightweight than the typical A2000.
  • A2000 Materials: Wilson’s top-notch Pro Stock Leather, solid lacing, and soft lining materials make the BM Wilson A2000 1786SS a durable and long lasting glove.  

Takeaway: With the best middle infield pattern, cool colorway, and top quality materials, the BM Wilson A2000 1786SS is an awesome option to be your next shortstop and/or second base mitt.

Buy Now 

Limited Edition 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

Limited Edition 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDENot a fan of the stock 2018 DATDUDE? Wilson has an alternative: the Limited Edition Wilson A2K DATDUDE, a glove that shares specs with the stock Brandon Phillips model but employs a different colorway.

“Navy, Red, Gold, and Tropical Blue”

The colorway on the limited edition 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDE is a combination of Navy Blue, Red, Yellow Gold, and Tropical Blue. It’s not an awesome-looking design, but does look better than the only other Phillips model.

“Excellent Pattern for the Middle Infield”

On the specification side of things, this limited edition model measures at 11.5”, has an I-web, and features a clawed back design. This pattern comes with an extremely shallow pocket and is an excellent option for the middle infield.

“A Better-Looking DATDUDE Model”

If you are searching for a better-looking DATDUDE model without sacrificing the pattern’s unique features, the limited 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDE is your best option at $359.99. Unless, of course, you want to buy the even better-looking 2016 DATDUDE for $209.98.

Buy Now

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Wilson Glove of the Month October: Ender Inciarte’s Custom Wilson A2000 1799

For the first time since March, Wilson went on a tangent from their usual GOTM formula and created the Wilson Glove of the Month October as an outfield mitt.

In fact, the Wilson Glove of the Month October is the Ender Inciarte game model, a 12.75-inch Wilson A2000 1799 in an Atlanta Braves’ themed navy blue and red colorway.

  • In addition to its 12.75” length, the 1799 pattern comes with a deep pocket, flat finger design, and thumb-to-pinky squeeze.
  • Inciarte indeed created this sweet navy and red colorway, but has shied away from using it thus far.
  • As an A2000 model, the Wilson Glove of the Month October comes with top-notch and long-lasting materials.

Note that the Wilson Glove of the Month October is not available through online retailers, only through selected brick-and-mortar store retailers. Find your local GOTM dealer.

The Bottom Line: Despite its limited quantity, I see the Wilson Glove of the Month October as an excellent option for those outfielders looking for a rare bit of flash for their mitt.

More information to know:

  1. More on the 1799 Pattern: Generally regarded as a top-two outfield pattern, the 1799 pattern comes with a wide heel, flat pocket design that is perfect for making all types of catches in the outgrass.

  2. Has Ender Inciarte used this Glove?: Inciarte has teased us a few times about this good-looking glove, yet has stuck with the all-black mitt he has been using for the past few seasons.

  3. More on A2000 Materials: Wilson’s A2000 materials, including their rugged Pro Stock Leather, are renowned for their long-term durability. In addition, each A2000 is sturdily built in the factory with top-notch craftsmanship.

  4. Rarity of GOTM Models: Wilson only makes a few hundred Glove of the Month models and carefully distributes them to certain retailers. Find out the closest retailer to you.

Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017: Snakeskin Wilson A2000 1786

Our Quick Take on the GOTM September


The 1786 is the best middle infield pattern in our opinion…


Great colorway combined with the unique Snake Skin = awesome…

Material Quality

A2000 materials are known to be top quality and extremely durable…


A limited edition glove for a +$20 Premium? Sign me up…

Summary: The Wilson GOTM September is an awesome-looking (and feeling) limited edition glove in our favorite middle infield pattern. It is perfect for those flashier shortstops/second base and also glove collectors. 

We dive into the deeper details of the Wilson Glove of the Month in our below complete guide.

Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017: Snakeskin Wilson A2000 1786

Five Things to Know about the Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017

  • The GOTM September 2017’s features an all “Snakeskin printed steerhide” back and web, an odd-feeling textured leather popularized by the A2K DATDUDE.
  • Employs a black, Vegas Gold, and red colorway in addition to the aforementioned black Snake Skin. It is a unique color that will surely attract many eyes. 
  • The Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 is an 11.5″ 1786 Pattern model with an I-web and shallow pocket, and is perfect for the middle infield.
  • Built with top-notch materials, including Wilson’s Pro Stock leather (a durable Steerhide leather), that will last many seasons of use.
  • It is a limited edition glove only available through selected retailers. View these specific stores

Our Take: Not only does the Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 look sweet and plentifully feature a unique material, it is also a perfect model for middle infielders and feature high quality materials. Our rating: 9/10.

Recommendation: The Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 is perfect for those middle infielders looking to buy (and use) one of the more distinct mitts to ever hit the market.

The Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 is an 11.5″ 1786 Pattern model with an I-web and shallow pocket. The 1786 pattern is my personal favorite for the middle infield.Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017

Recommendation: The Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 is perfect for those middle infielders looking to buy (and use) one of the more distinct mitts to ever hit the market.

Our Take: Not only does the Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 look sweet and plentifully feature a unique material, it is also a perfect model for middle infielders and feature high quality materials. Our rating: 9/10.

Recommendation: The Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017 is perfect for those middle infielders looking to buy (and use) one of the more distinct mitts to ever hit the market.

Spec Sheet: Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017

Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017

Product Name

Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017: Wilson A2000 1786

Wilson Glove of the Month September 2017

Product Number/SKU



Glove Series/Price

Glove Series/Price

A2000, Varies


Middle Infield: Shortstop and Second Base

Length/Web Style

11.5″, I-web

Throwing Hand(s)

Right-Handed Throw Only


“Snakeskin printed steerhide” Back and Webbing

Snakeskin printed steerhide


Wilson Glove of the Month August 2017: Daniel Norris’ Wilson A2K DW5

Dansby Swanson’s Glove(s): Custom Wilson A2K 1787 and Custom Wilson A2000 1787

Like most players in the MLB, Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson has a set game glove in addition to a set warmup/backup glove. This post serves as a complete guide to both gloves, including a look at the details that shape each of Dansby Swanson’s gloves.

Dansby Swanson’s Game Glove: Wilson A2K 1787

With one of the cleanest looks in the MLB, Dansby Swanson’s blonde and navy glove is a true joy to look at from any angle. This section of the post serves as guide to Dansby Swanson’s game glove, including a look at his clean colorway, his pattern choice, and the meaning of Swanson’s custom embroidery.

Dansby Swanson is a budding Glove Design Maestro – Just look at his Game Glove

Dansby Swanson kept the design on his game glove simple – he combined a classic blonde base with Atlanta Braves-themed navy-blue lacing and navy/red logos. To top off his game glove, Swanson went with tone-on-tone stitching and navy-blue embroidery to keep the blonde leather as fluid as possible.

Topping off Wilson’s blonde, one of the cleanest colors on the market, with navy and red in select areas was clearly an excellent choice. Not only is Dansby Swanson’s Glove super fresh, it is easily one of the nicest-looking gloves in the entire pro ranks.

Swanson’s Pattern Choice: Go Bigger

Humans have an innate instinct to follow a group, so it comes at no surprise that Dansby Swanson joined the young corps of shortstops that are normalizing the use of 11.75” gloves at short. Leaders of this group include Francisco Lindor (Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-2KB), Carlos Correa (Wilson A2000 1787), and now Swanson.

Instead of going with the 11.5” Wilson 1786 model he used throughout college and during a part of his short time in the minors, Dansby Swanson went with the slightly larger Wilson A2K 1787 model. Dansby Swanson’s game glove is characterized by an 11.75” length, I-web, and medium depth pocket, and is perfect for picking it at shortstop.

Dansby Swanson's Glove: Custom Wilson A2K 1787

Special Features – Embroidery

As you can see above, Dansby Swanson’s glove is embroidered with “All Dai.” Here is what this seemingly cryptic text means, according to

The leather that will rest upon his left thumb is adorned with the words “All Dai”, a tribute to Parker, who was 22-years-old when he drowned after being involved in a tubing accident on an Indiana lake.

“It impacts a lot of people just because of the legacy he left behind,” Swanson said. “Just to be able to wear that every day and to keep him close to me is pretty cool.”

Swanson met Parker as they were playing high school basketball in metro Atlanta and developed a bond with him when they both matriculated to Vanderbilt. He proudly put “All Dai” on his glove last year, his first professional season, which was highlighted by his August promotion to the Major League level.

Mark Bowman,

This video should give you some insight into Swanson’s glove embroidery:

Dansby Swanson’s Backup Glove: Wilson A2000 1787

After using the blonde Wilson A2K 1787 for the entire 2016 season (and planned to use it again in 2017), Dansby Swanson thought it was a good idea to get a backup glove in case his game glove happened to break down.

Dansby Swanson's Glove: Custom Wilson A2000 1787

Again, another awesome Colorway

Dansby Swanson utilized one of the most underused Wilson colors, dark brown, as the featured color on his backup glove. In addition to this dark brown base, this glove has navy-blue lacing, stitching, welting, and binding. Swanson’s backup glove is topped off with the same navy/red logos he has on his game glove.

Like his game glove, Dansby Swanson’s backup glove combines a classic base with the Atlanta Braves’ main colors. However, Swanson’s backup glove has a little bit more navy (on both the welting and stitching) than his game glove, making it the slightly flashier glove.

Wilson A2000 1787 - Dansby Swanson Game Model

A look at why Swanson chose A2000 over A2K

Dansby Swanson used an A2000 throughout his entire college career (college players get free A2000’s form Wilson) and later an A2K throughout his short (so far) MiLB and MLB career. This could be considered a thorough A2K vs. A2000 test, and Swanson seemed to use that “testing” to determine if his next glove would be an A2000 or A2K.

Swanson’s backup glove is an: A2000. He claims to like the thinner feel to the A2000 as opposed to the strategically thicker A2K, which in turn makes the glove easier to squeeze and allows him to feel the ball more.  This video should give you some more insight into his decision:

Other Notes

Swanson’s backup glove features both the same pattern (1787) and embroidery (“All Dai”) as his now-game glove. Therefore, there is no need to quibble on details we already discussed.

Which one is better?

Join the Conversation: Which of Dansby Swanson’s gloves is your favorite?

Wilson Glove of the Month July 2017: US-themed Wilson A2000 1786

Dustin Pedroia’s Glove for 2017: 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15

Introduction | Colorway | Pattern | About Red Superskin |Conclusion/Shop

Like the wide majority of MLB players, a new season for Boston Red Sox second basemen Dustin Pedroia equals an opportunity to both see and use the glove he designed over the past offseason. While most players simply edit the colorway, Pedroia broke out a new pattern to go with a novel colorway and the use of Wilson’s recently developed colored Super Skin.

Dustin Pedroia's Glove: Wilson A2000 EL3

We need some discussion on the Colorway – and here’s why

Dustin Pedroia has always created designs I absolutely love, whether it was his red/black glove from 2013, his dark brown/red/black model from 2015, or even his disputed black/gunmetal mitt from last season. However, his new glove is far worse looking than those dope designs and is honestly quite ugly in its own right.

[irp posts=”1675″ name=”Dustin Pedroia’s Glove: 2017 Wilson A2K DP15″]

Dustin Pedroia’s glove for 2017 comprises of a saddle tan base (palm, back, web, and wrist), red Super Skin lining the back and thumb, and yellow gold welting, biding, and lacing. The stitching is red throughout the whole glove and the labels are a mixture or yellow gold backing and red ‘Wilson’ stitching.

[irp posts=”1320″ name=”2016 Wilson A2K DP15 On Clearance”]

Although Pedroia has used both red and saddle tan (and combinations of the two) on prior gloves, this glove is far unlike those past models due to the presence of yellow gold. All saddle tan would actually look sick with red Super Skin, but the prominent existence of yellow gold gives this glove an ugly ketchup and mustard feel.

Dustin Pedroia

Source:: Ian D’Andrea/Flickr

Did Pedroia steal a Pattern from another prominent Wilson user?

Ever since he made the switch from Easton to Wilson, Dustin Pedroia has been a major figure in Wilson’s lineup with his very own glove, the Wilson DP15. This 11.5” I-web model, which came as both an A2K and A2000 , is a Wilson top seller characterized by its tighter wrist and hand stalls (fittingly called “Pedroia Fit”). However, Dustin Pedroia is ditching his iconic pattern for one that is entirely different.

[irp posts=”4678″ name=”Evan Longoria’s Glove: Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3″]

Instead of sticking with his 11.5” I-web glove, Pedroia is going with an 11.75” Wilson A2000 EL3 (the model created and used by Tampa Bay Rays third basemen Evan Longoria) with a single post web. This transition is puzzling because the two patterns are complete opposites of each other – the DP15 has a shallow pocket design with a rounded pocket while the EL3 has a deep pocket with a flatter pocket.

Dustin Pedroia's Glove for 2017: Wilson A2000 EL3/DP15

The Pedroia/Super Skin Experiment did not work before – but is it working now?

Although Super Skin had already existed for a considerable amount of time before this situation, Dustin Pedroia first experimented with this synthetic material in 2015. Let us just say the experiment did not go so well for either party, as Pedroia swapped out the SS-backed glove for an all-leather model before the All Star Game.

[irp posts=”2902″ name=”Wilson A2000 DP15SS”]

Despite the failed relationship between Pedroia and Super Skin, he is once again using this lighter/stronger material on his game glove for 2017. But instead of using the plain black variant of this synthetic, Pedroia is using the colorful red SS (Wilson also offers white and blue) on the back of his glove to complement the saddle tan and yellow gold colorway.

[irp posts=”2677″ name=”5 Things to Know About Wilson Colored Super Skin (Red, White, Blue Super Skin)”]

If Pedroia hated Super Skin before, why would he go back to it? My best guess is that he wanted a lighter glove in 2015, but something did not click – whether it was the feel, the stiffness, or any factor. However, Pedroia seems to like the softer feel and improved durability of the red SS, as he has used the same glove you see above (with red Super Skin) in every game he has played this season.

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15

Conclusion: It will be released, but will you buy it?

As they have done for the past 5+ years, Wilson is releasing the game glove of Dustin Pedroia as a stock glove on August 1. This new Dustin Pedroia game model is again the Wilson A2000 DP15, despite the labeling of Dustin Pedroia’s own glove as an EL3 (we confirmed that Pedroia’s mitt is an EL3). The stock version measures at 11.75”, has a single post web, features the same deep pocket that an EL3 has, and has the tighter wrist and hand stalls.

In addition, you get the same saddle tan, red, and mustard (um…. Yellow gold) colorway that Pedroia has, and that includes the Red Super Skin back that lowers the weight of the glove. You also get the excellent A2000 materials, including the strong Pro Stock steerhide leather and the other proponents that make a durable glove.

That begs the question: All things considered, would you actually buy the stock version of Dustin Pedroia’s glove for 2017?