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What Glove Does Russell Wilson Use?

Bryce Harper posts Photos of his New Gloves for 2018, and They’re Absolutely Stunning

Jose Altuve’s Glove for 2017 – Wilson A2000 1786SS

Zack Greinke’s Glove: Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200

Alex Bregman’s Glove: Custom Marucci Founders Series

Francisco Lindor’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS15ICB with Platinum Labels

Yu Darvish’s Glove: Custom Asics D-Line

Dansby Swanson’s Glove(s): Custom Wilson A2K 1787 and Custom Wilson A2000 1787

Dustin Pedroia’s Glove for 2017: 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15

Anthony Rizzo’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCMHCBBRM with Platinum Labels


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