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Christian Yelich’s Glove: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO3039-6C

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Christian Yelich’s rise to the top of the MLB was very gradual, but one thing that he always had was a strong glove in the outfield. He won an MVP in 2018, but a Gold Glove all the way back in 2014.

This season he’s been using a camel and black Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO3039-6C. It’s a pretty simple glove that looks great on any team, especially with the Gold Labels.

And while you can’t get his exact glove as a stock glove (especially with the gold labels), you can get similar 12.75″ Heart of the Hide 3039 pattern glove here.

Nolan Arenado’s Glove: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI

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Nolan Arenado is simply one of the best two-way players in the MLB today. And while his bat has been doing most of the talking in recent years, you can’t ignore the fact that he’s won six straight Gold Glove awards at the hot corner. Yes, six.

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He racked all of these up with pretty much the same glove model, a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI, with the only change being the addition of Gold Labels after his first few seasons.

His PRO12-6TI is a 12″ mitt with an H-web in the beautiful Timberglaze color, and and it’s pretty much the perfect mitt for the hot corner, and not only because Arenado uses it.

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But despite this fact, Nolan Arenado’s glove model is not available. It actually was once available as a Rawlings Glove Club model a few years back, but never found its way into the yearly glove line.

However, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB is a top-notch substitute for Arenado’s mitt. It has the same 12″, H-web pattern as his glove with the only difference being in colorway.

Mookie Betts’ Glove: Wilson A2K MB50

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The winner of the Gold Glove award in the outfield for the past three seasons, Mookie Betts has put on an outfield clinic these past few years as the Red Sox right fielder.

And he’s done it all with his trusty Wilson A2K MB50 on his left hand, a 12.75″ outfield mitt with an H-web and deep pocket. It’s essentially a dolled-up version of the A2K 1799.

This year Betts went with a navy blue, vegas gold, and red Superskin colorway to complement his Red Sox uniform. It’s a dope combo in an outfield sector that is typically pretty bland.

It’s a beautiful glove that’s actually in the 2020 Wilson Glove Line, costs $359.99, and can be bought here.

Mike Trout’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSMT27 (2019)

Mike Trout is one of the best players baseball has ever seen, and while his bat is a large reason for this distinction, he’s also more than handled his own in center field. And he’s done all of this in the past few reasons with his Rawlings Pro Preferred MT27 mitt:

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The MT27 is the Mike Trout game model glove Rawlings released last year. It’s a 12.75″ outfield mitt with a trapeze web, black colorway with red accents, and Fastback design. It’s quite a unique mitt, as few outfielders use the trapeze in the MLB anymore.

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And if you want to dominate the outfield like Mike Trout does, you can get his exact glove for yourself at Just Ball Gloves. Just be aware that it won’t feel like your typical H-web outfield mitt, instead playing a bit narrower and shallower out of the box.

Matt Chapman’s Glove: Wilson A2k 1787

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Matt Chapman won both the Gold Glove at Third Base and the Platinum Glove Award for the American League, solidifying himself as one of the best fielders in only his second season.

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He won both awards with a stock Wilson A2K 1787 from the 2018 Glove Line, and is once again dominating the hot corner with the same 11.75-inch copper and blonde mitt from the past few seasons.

2018 Wilson A2K 1787

The good news is that you can get the same glove that helped Chapman win an impressive amount of hardware, and also our #2 ranked third base for 2019, at the link below.

But whenever Chapman decides to retire his beloved gamer, he certainly has another mitt ready to go. It’s also a 1787, and it’s certainly a looker:

Wilson says it’s going to be a game model glove in the next glove line, so look out for his orange tan and black 1787 when the 2020 glove line comes out around August.

Yu Darvish’s Glove: Custom Asics D-Line

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Yu Darvish has always had one of the more interesting gloves in the MLB for a few reasons: First, he’s one of the few MLB players to use an Asics glove, and second, he always chooses the brightest colors for his gloves, as seen by his past red and blue mitts.

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And this year is certainly no different. He’s back with a custom Asics D-Line model, this year in a sharp green color with white accents. However, his glove is still a rather large 12.5″ mitt with a fastback and a finger hood, just like past years.

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And with signature on the thumb and the custom web stitching, Yu Darvish’s Glove is certainly one of the more unique gloves for the 2019 season. In fact, it so unique that you can’t buy it in the United States. But if you could, would you rock Yu’s mitt on the mound?

Bryce Harper posts Photos of his New Gloves for 2018, and They’re Absolutely Stunning

As the clock ticks closer to the beginning of spring training, star Washington Nationals Outfielder Bryce Harper released photos of his new Rawlings gloves for the 2018 season.

The trio of gloves, which were posted on Harper’s Instagram, were part of an official collaboration with one of the largest baseball glove influencers on Instagram, @supremegloves.

Bryce Harper’s new gloves, much like many of the other stunners created by @supremegloves, feature bright and vibrant designs that quickly captivate one’s attention.

Included in Harper’s newest additions are the following:

  • A black and gold Heart of the Hide PROHARP34 with Carbon Fiber Back Shell,
  • An all-white Heart of the Hide PROHARP34 with Gold Finger Tips and Red Accents, and
  • A black, red and gold Heart of the Hide PROHARP34 with Carbon Fiber Ring Finger.

Bryce Harper's Gloves for 2018

“Unique and Intriguing MAterials”

As if his former vivid colorways are not attractive enough to the Nationals outfielder, Harper’s gloves also utilize features never seen before on Rawlings gloves, professional ranks or not.

One glove, the all-white model, features an Adidas “Yeezy”-themed ring finger strip, called Zebraknit, which stems from @supremegloves’ fondness for the attractive Adidas sneakers.

The other two gloves feature a carbon fiber material, one glove on its entire back and the other on its ring finger, that add to the aesthetic pleasure and unique nature of the gloves.

Other notable, yet not necessarily new, features include Hand Sewn Welting, a proprietary thumb and pinky welting technology used on each glove, and Full Mesh, a lightweight synthetic material.

While the flashy colors are nothing new for Bryce Harper, many of the aforementioned materials are new to both the PROHARP34 line and even the entire Rawlings lineup.

Bryce Harper's Gloves for 2018

Harper-Themed Embroideries

Ever since Bryce Harper’s first publicly-released game model featured the distinct “BH” palm stamping, the star outfielder has expanded upon this initials-based logo on his newest gloves.

In addition to the BH palm stamping on each glove, two of the mitts also feature a unique “BH” and “34” logo, which incorporates both his number and initials into a singular embroidery.

Other embroideries include the traditional “Harper” on the thumb and index finger of multiple gloves, and “Vegas Strong,” based on his hometown, on the thumb of another.

Bryce Harper's Gloves for 2018

“Three Truly Stunning Gloves”

While their appeal is immense, it is unknown if any of the gloves or their distinct features will hit the market this year, or even if Harper will use any of the gloves in the upcoming season.

Last year, Harper also ordered and received a trio of rather unique gloves with distinct “BH”-webs and less flashy colorways, but sparsely used the models throughout the 2017 season.

Instead, he reverted to a model he created a few years earlier for the majority of games: a rather straightforward blonde, black and red Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROHARP34.

Despite these uncertainties, one thing is undeniable: Bryce Harper, Rawlings and @supremegloves created three overwhelmingly stunning gloves that everyone wants for the outfield.

Would you sport any of Bryce Harper’s Gloves, and which ones?

Zack Greinke’s Glove: Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200

Zack Greinke takes the hill tonight in the Wild Card Game bout against the Colorado Rockies, and he will do it with his trusty Rawlings Gold Glove Collection RGG1200 with the following specifications:

The Bottom Line: Although it gives the impression of simplicity, the spattering of gold throughout Zack Greinke’s Glove makes it one of the cooler gloves we have seen on the bump thus far.Zack Greinke's Glove: Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200Zack Greinke's Glove: Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200

More Information about Zack Greinke’s Glove:

  1. What is Opti-Core?: Opti-Core is a technology that incorporates multiple layers of “pre-curved” padding underneath the palm to create both a distinct shape and squeeze. Although it does feel odd at first, the Opti-Core technology is helpful in shaping the glove.
  2. More on the Gold Glove Collection: This line, which retails at $500, features otherworldly good leather and an extremely plush liner. In addition, it is only crafted by one person – meaning each glove comes with a unique feel and impeccable craftsmanship.
  3. More on Metallic Gold: My guess is that Greinke takes extremely good care of his glove, as Metallic Gold (especially on the welting) is known to fade fairly fast. However, it does look amazing in both person and in pictures when new.
  4. How to Buy: Although you can not buy the exact model that the Diamondbacks’ ace uses, there are two newer versions available: an 11.75″ two-piece model (Buy Now) and a 12″ modified trapeze model (Buy Now).

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Alex Bregman’s Glove

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Alex Bregman was one of the breakout stars of the past few seasons, and while his bat has done most of the talking, he’s been a steady force at the hot corner for the Astros for quite a few years.

He’s been this steady force the past few seasons with his custom Easton Pro D32AB, an 11.75″ Single Post glove made with Horween leather. It also comes in an Astros-themed navy blue, orange, and blonde colorway.

And while Bregman’s exact model isn’t available, you can get a similar Bregman game model for $260 here.

Francisco Lindor’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFL12 with Platinum Labels

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Francisco Lindor is the best two-way shortstop in the MLB right now, and he’s been defending at a high level with his Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFL12.

It’s an 11.75″ glove in black and red with Platinum labels, earned from Lindor’s Platinum Glove award from 2016. Rawlings created a stock model of his glove, of course without the Platinum labels.

Lindor’s game model is $359.99 and one of the best gloves for shortstops on the market. You can buy the stock Rawlings Pr Preferred PROSFL12 here.