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The Evolution of Marcus Stromans’ Gloves

Marcus Stroman is no stranger to showing off his gear. On his Twitter, @mstrooo6, he shows off pretty much every piece of gear he has, including gloves. I am sure glad he does. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to compile all of Marcus Stromans’ Gloves from his Twitter page into one post.

About Stroman’s Gear Affiliation

Stroman uses Nike equipment head to toe. Although we specialize in gloves, we have noticed that he wears a lot of Nike gear on and off the field, wears custom Nike cleats, and has a bunch of other Nike gear. He is not afraid to put a ton of personal style into the his stuff, and is known for his flashy equipment, from blue gloves to colorful cleats and so on.

Discussion about His Gloves in General

Stroman’s allegiance to Nike obviously means he uses Nike gloves. He gets the pro treatment with customization, using many different colors (mostly blue, though), and he gets to customize Nike’s Diamond Elite Pro line, which has not been available to the public in a few years.

It is certainly an interesting decision to stick with Nike’s Diamond Elite Pro. Although the “DEP” has been considered Nike’s best line ever by many people, Nike has almost fully switched over to a new line, the Sha-do Elite J, which Stroman did try but did not end up sticking with. Both have Kip leather, But the Diamond Elite must have felt better to Stroman. Then again, gloves are all about feel in my opinion.

As you will see, Stroman loves the modified trapeze web. It is a great pitching web, but Stroman has to be one of the notable pitchers to solely use the modified trapeze web. Nike’s DEP wide mod trap looks sick in my opinion.

You will see “HDMH” embroidered on a lot of Marcus Stromans’ Gloves. HDMH means “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart,” and at 5″8″, Stroman is not very tall (comparing him to most MLB players), but is still able to light up the radar gun and just pitch with everything he has. He has adopted it as his motto, and has even started his own clothing line surrounding it. Check out his clothing line here and his side of the story on HDMH here.


We will go over every glove Stroman has used during his career. At the beginning of his career, he posted a picture of the gloves that he would end up using during his career. Take a look:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves

He used another glove during his career as well:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves

He obviously has some flair, but he also likes to mix it up. Ultimately, flair won out in the end, and you will see why in a moment.

In the Minors

Stroman used four gloves in the minors, the three from the picture above and one that we will get to later in this section. Stroman actually snapped a picture a few years when he was still in the minors:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves

He has some heat, and I think you guys will come to appreciate his gloves even more after some better pictures.

Here is a picture of Stroman using the all-black model:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves


This model is sick. It is clean, and I think it was really cool of Stroman to put a suede back on this glove as well. I am wondering whether teammate and best friend Aaron Sanchez got the idea of a suede back from Stroman or Stroman got it from Sanchez.

Let’s take a look at his blonde one next:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves


Blonde looks amazing on most gloves, and I think it does on Stroman’s Nike as well. The blue laces add some flash, and I am all for it. This is probably my favorite of Marcus Stromans’ Gloves.

On to a model in the first picture we showed, but not the second picture. Check it out:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves


This black model was a sick model in black and blue. It also has a mesh back. This glove is not in Stroman’s possession anymore, instead it is in the possession of @supremegloves.

Stroman used one final glove in the minors in games, and he actually showed us a few pictures of it:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves

This model is absolutely fire. This is the Sha-do line that we mentioned above. It looks like Stroman tried out the Sha-do line, but he must not have not liked it enough to make it his gamer in the MLB.

In the MLB

Stroman has been up and down in the MLB, looking dominant some starts and then not looking too good in others. However, his glove game has stayed constant, as he has used the same blue glove his whole MLB career:

Marcus Stromans' Gloves

Like I said earlier, Marcus Stroman is no stranger to flair. His all-blue DEP has been on his hand his whole MLB career, and it has held up well. No color has faded and the glove does not look like it has pancaked. Obviously, Nike is making a superbly high quality product for Stroman.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts on Marcus Stromans’ Gloves is that he has some serious style. He was able to take the Blue Jays’ colors and put them on a glove and make them look amazing. I also applaud Nike for making such good-looking and high quality gloves for him. Now I think it is time for Nike to allow us to customize gloves, am I right?

Ian Kinsler’s Glove: Custom Nike Shado

2016 Gold Glove Recipient Ian Kinsler is perhaps the only infielder in the MLB to use a Nike glove, but he’s giving them a good rep with his recent phenomenal season in the field. Here he is using his glove:

That one heck of a glove. I love that black leather with the orange combo. The gray was a great touch. There is absolutely no doubt Nike makes some dope gloves, just looking at Mike Trout’s glove and Jon Lester’s glove and now Ian Kinsler’s Glove makes me wish Nike made customs for us. Here is another angle:

That web is sick. It looks like a One-piece web variation with I-Web lacing at the base. Kinsler also uses 11.25″, which seems to becoming less and less popular over time, but seeing guys succeed with it shows it still gets the job done.

I wish Nike made custom gloves for us. Just looking at these gloves makes all of us want a look alike or at least our own choice of options. Nike customization is off the charts.
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I’ll leave you guys with his defensive highlights. His hands are crazy fast.

Jon Lester’s Glove: Custom Nike Sha-Do Elite

The lights-out Cubs Ace Jon Lester uses a fire Custom Nike Sha-Do Elite on the bump. It looks great, but there’s one problem: the ball seems to get stuck in it:

It’s not everyday something like this, but it happens to Lester every year. Let’s take a look at his glove:

Not to be too judgmental, but the leather, padding, and inserts look kind of thin. The leather looks smooth and tight-grained. The lacing looks flimsy, but this picture was taken after a full season of use. Overall, I am not overly impressed by how the quality looks from the picture, but I would have to actually feel one to make a better judgement.

In terms of looks, I love Jon Lester’s Glove. The black leather with red stitching looks flames. That Nike swoosh with the blue outlining looks amazing. As much as you and I want one, Nike does not sell any model anywhere close to this to the public.

Aaron Sanchez’ Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro

We all know Marcus Stroman and his sweet custom Nike gloves due to his huge social media presence, but what about Aaron Sanchez’ Glove? He uses a pretty sweet Nike Diamond Elite Pro. Here is what it looks like:
Aaron Sanchez' Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro
Nike tan leather is absolutely sweet. It is some of the best tan leather I have seen from any company so far. It’s beautiful. The blue laces add a Blue Jays feel to the glove and go really well with the tan leather. The white and blue are fire. Here is a picture of Sanchez using his glove:
Aaron Sanchez' Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro
If you are able to see it, the back of the glove looks a little bit different than leather. That’s suede. Suede is popular among some pitchers because it is light and looks and feel somewhat like leather. This is the first time I’ve seen Nike suede, but I’m sure it’s not the last time.
Aaron Sanchez' Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro
Unfortunately, Nike doesn’t sell a Diamond Elite Pro model to the public, let alone a custom. We all should wish Nike did, because the Kip leather on the DEP’s is super nice and the patterns are great for the specified positions. For now, we can awe at how nice this glove looks.

All 6 of Jose Fernandez’ Gloves Throughout His Amazing Career

The tragic death of Jose Fernandez brought everyone to think about his life (not only his career) a little differently. Everyone thought outside of the diamond and thought about other things about Fernandez, his journey, his character, and more.

Fernandez’ journey to the majors was hectic enough. He attempted to escape Cuba four times, finally making it to the U.S. after being shot at, imprisoned, and being sent back to his own land. Fernandez’ final and successful journey to the U.S. was hectic as well, as Fernandez had to save his mother from drowning (even though he did not know this at first)

Jose Fernandez had a lot of character. Whether it was celebrating teammates’ accomplishments, throwing his nasty slider, or just out with his friends, Fernandez had a ton of fun. That is the way it should be, and Fernandez showed us how to do it.

Here at, I talk about gloves. So, I think the best tribute I can pay to Jose will be to show Jose Fernandez’ Gloves throughout his career, all six of them.

Contract with Wilson: 2013-2015

Jose Fernandez started his career with Wilson, designing multiple gloves that became a hit among Wilson fans and glove fanatics in general. He developed a pretty good relationship with Aso as well:

Jose Fernandez' Gloves

Black/Orange Wilson A2000 HG12

Fernandez’ first glove in the MLB was this pretty simple black Wilson A2000 HG12. The orange logos add some pop, and probably started Fernandez’ flare for orange on a glove and maybe overall flashy gloves. Here is a picture of the design:

This happened to be Fernandez’ only A2000 in his collection of gloves in his MLB Career. It was his first HG12 as well, the 12″ pattern with the hourglass-laced web.

Orange Wilson A2K HG12

Fernandez’ orange Wilson A2000 HG12 is his signature model that you probably know he wore. He used the same orange model for three seasons, a pretty long tenure for a pitcher’s glove. Here is a picture of the design:

Although this model was Fernandez’ first A2K in the majors, the Wilson custom builder does not let us build this color combo with this pattern.

Tropical Blue Wilson A2K HG12

Jose Fernandez used this Tropical Blue Wilson A2K HG12 for the last month of the 2015 season, and everyone wondered what it was. Wilson showed it to us, and then promptly added the color to the custom builder. Check out the design:

I really like the tropical blue color on this model. Fernandez must have liked it too, as he ended up going back to the Tropical Blue Color on one of his gloves in 2016.

Fernandez’ Switch to Nike

When pictures circled of Jose Fernandez wearing a Nike glove during spring training, everyone was shocked. I nor anybody else thought that Fernandez would switch to Nike gloves, but he did.

Orange Nike Sha|Do with Modified Trapeze Loop Web

Fernandez’ first Nike was interesting. It seemed like Nike was trying to copy the HG12 pattern that Fernandez used (the web), but the colorway just something that Fernandez liked. Anyways, it was sick, and Nike (who does not post very often on their baseball social medias) never posted a picture of Fernandez’ glove.

Tropical Blue Nike Sha|Do with Modified Trapeze Web

The tropical blue color was a direct copy off of Fernandez’ glove at the end of the 2015 season. Nike changed it up a little bit (for the better) with the orange accenting that looks better than the Wilson yellow accenting on Fernandez’ Tropical Blue Wilson. Overall, this Tropical Blue Nike is filthy.

Orange Nike Sha|Do with Modified Trapeze Web

Another all orange glove from Jose Fernandez, this time with the modified trapeze web that you saw on his Nike Tropical Blue glove.

This was the last glove that Fernandez used before his tragic death.

Final Thoughts on Jose Fernandez’ Gloves

In my opinion, the Tropical Blue Nike Sha|Do Nike looks the best, but it loses out on originality. I just think Nike hit the nail on the hammer with the colors. However, I feel like the quality was not as good (compared to the Wilson’s) on the Nikes’ because Fernandez only used his gloves for a few months at a time, compared to Fernandez using the orange Wilson’s for a whole year.

Jose Fernandez’ Glove: Orange Nike Sha-do with Modified Trapeze Web

We are all used to seeing Wilson publicize Jose Fernandez’ orange and tropical blue gloves from last year, but this year he has switched it up to Nike. Nike most likely gave Fernandez a huge contract, so Fernandez went with the money. Here is a pic with his latest glove from Nike:

Pretty sweet, right? Fernandez got the full custom treatment from Nike. He went with the all-Orange design for another season. The bright orange color does not fail to get the attention of me, or anyone for that matter. Here is another pic:

Even if you are not a fan of flashy gloves, you have to admit that this is sweet. The orange leather and orange and black logos look super good together, even for a glove this flashy. Jose Fernandez’ Glove is one of the best Nike gloves I have seen so far. Here is the back view of the glove:

Fernandez also used an orange Modified Trapeze Loop and a tropical blue Mod Trap as well as this one. Fernandez has been using this glove the last few starts. You never know when he will have a new glove, so stayed tuned to get the first look at his next design when it appears.

(Featured image via Rich Schultz/Getty Images North America)

Felix Hernandez’ Glove: Custom Nike Sha-do Elite J

Felix Hernandez has been using Nike for the last couple of years, and this year he got his own custom in black with some mariner green. Here’s a look:

Felix Hernandez' Glove: Custom Nike Sha-do Elite J

Source: Arturo Pardavila

As you can see, Hernandez got mesh on his glove. He got a half mesh design, meaning mesh on the back, but not on the thumb or wrist. Pitchers LOVE mesh because it makes their glove lighter for quicker response to a comebacker.

Felix Hernandez' Glove: Custom Nike Sha-do Elite J

Source: Arturo Pardavila

Felix Hernandez’ Glove is 12″ and has a basket web.The basket web is not common on Nike gloves, but is a common pitching web due to the fact that it covers the ball and also has a nice deep pocket.

Felix Hernandez' Glove: Custom Nike Sha-do Elite J

Source: Arturo Pardavila

I wish Nike made a glove like this for the public, but they do not. This is just really sick.