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Carpenter x Leatherhead Glove #3

The Carpenter x Leatherhead Glove #3 is now finished. Scott Carpenter, the founder of Carpenter Trade, whom makes this glove, has gotten better and better at making these gloves. Here is the third one:

Carpenter x Leatherhead Glove #3

Just a quick description of the glove: It features the famous Carpenter microfiber on the back of the glove, has the corded lace. The palm and palm liner are Horween leather from Leatherhead. The palm is the black Code 99 Horween, while the palm liner is a black Utica leather. This is a one-of-the-kind glove. Here is a look at the Horween palm:


Leatherhead’s work on this glove is simple: provide the Horween leather for the glove. Horween is very tough to get these days. Carpenter Trade’s job is to put the glove together with their patented process. One of these is their palm liner that is custom fitted to your hand. Here is a look at that:


The wrist liner is a synthetic as well. The palm liner actually comes with the exact finger ridges your hand has to have the optimal fit. That is why Carpenter’s are so limited. Check it out:


You can actually get one of your own, well at least one person can. Carpenter had an auction for the Carpenter x Leatherhead Glove #3, and the fourth one is also auctioned off. You can bid on it here. After winning the bid (which may go over $600), Carpenter will work with you to create the most custom glove ever.

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