When tuning in to an Astros’ game this year, I was expecting Carlos Correa to use the new CC1 game model. However, I saw him using a completely different glove. Here is a picture of what I saw during the game:

As you can see, it is a lot different. There is the same base gray leather that the CC1 has, as well as the navy palm and welting, but Correa put brick red as the lacing instead of orange. I prefer the orange lacing and logos vs. the brick red lacing and Wilson yellow logos. I think most of us can say the orange is better than this.

Just like the CC1, Correa uses an 11.75″ model. He seems to love the bigger size, probably because it gives his big frame enough reach on some of the crazy plays he makes.

Carlos Correa's Glove: Wilson A2000 1787 Glove (Not the CC1)

Carlos Correa’s Glove is available through the custom builder here. You can shop the nicer CC1 game model here. I am not sure if you would rather spend $350 on a custom that looks like this, but maybe you might be up to it.

Wilson did in fact release Correa’s glove from last year as a stock glove. They expected him to use that one, but while breaking in his new models, he feel in love with his old gamer. He used it the rest of the year, but I do not expect him to be using this again next year.

Get the stock CC1 that I was talking about here.