Carlos Correa’s Glove for 2017: Wilson A2000 with a Laced Cross Web

This post serves as a guide to the glove Carlos Correa has been using since early February – a glove that has caught our eye for a variety of reasons, but has been flying under everyone’s radar.

Correa First Used this Glove in the WBC

An earlier version of this post called this glove “Carlos Correa’s WBC Glove,” and rightly so – he had indeed used this exact same glove representing Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.

It makes sense that Correa would have used this glove in the WBC – just like other players in the tournament, Correa ordered a glove that has a design that somewhat matches his country’s colors.

Believe it or not, Correa used this exact glove throughout spring training and thus far into the regular season, all despite the fact that none of the colors on this glove match the Astros’ colors.

And there is one thing that is certain: no matter how ugly (see his 2016 glove) or how beautiful (see his 2015 glove) Correa’s glove is, he will get comfortable with whichever glove and use it throughout the end of the season.

What is the Pattern? Do not worry… We are not 100% sure either

There really is not much we actually know about the pattern on Carlos Correa’s Glove due to the fact that the pattern is different from Wilson’s norm and Wilson has released zero information on it.

Scratch that, we do know a few things: Carlos Correa’s glove is an 11.75” model (just like his gloves have been for his entire career) with a laced cross, a new option (for the pros) from Wilson that is an odd choice for Correa considering his former I-web usage.

And one more thing: we noticed a semi-common featured on Correa’s mitt that should help us figure out a little bit more about the pattern – the notch between the index and middle fingers.

On gloves like the Wilson A2K DP15, the Wilson A2K D33, and now Carlos Correa’s glove, this “notch” forms both a shallower and rounder pocket. Now I am not quite sure if Correa considered the 1787 (the pattern he formerly used) too deep, but his new glove will certainly be shallower than his old one.


As we mentioned earlier, the colorway on Carlos Correa’s glove easily matches the colors on the Puerto Rican flag, but does not quite match the colors of Astros as well.

Ok, maybe the navy on the back and palm of his glove do indeed match one main color of the Astros, but the other colors on the glove – blonde, red, white – are not gray and orange.

Despite the fact that it is not quite an Astros-themed glove, I believe Correa did do a fantastic job on making this sneakily nice-looking glove – what are your thoughts?


Overall, I like the idea of this glove – a shallower pattern for shortstop and a colorway that looks nice – but that fact that this pattern is not available yet is discouraging.

Although we may be able to get this pattern with this colorway in the future (future CC1?), the only way to get a glimpse of this glove is by going to an Astros’ game or tuning into one of their games on TV.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprise if Carlos Correa model replaces the DW5 David Wrights H web glove. As Wright heads into the twilight stages of his career. You hardly see Wright on the field: 2015-2016 with two seasons of 115 days on the Disable list. How can you market a glove when the player isn’t using the glove on the field. Wilson will do everything possible to keep in place the future of its company, happy.

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