Carlos Correa’s Adidas Glove: Adidas’ Best Glove… Ever

Adidas has just made its entrance into the glove market, but it made a major splash, intentional or not. It was so popular that it was one of our Instagram’s most liked posts.

Although Carlos Correa is sponsored by Wilson, and even has his own game model, he still was able to get an Adidas glove. All of his other gear is Adidas, so why not take free glove to take it out for a test?

Take a look:

This picture was taken at the end of the 2016 season, but it does not look like Correa even used this glove at all. The white looks brand new, and there is zero wear on the glove.

It is interesting that Correa likes the lighter colors- white and gray. His game glove is gray, his game model is gray, and his Adidas glove is white. White is not my favorite because it wears to fast, but gray looks pretty slick.

Brand new, Carlos Correa’s Adidas Glove looks phenomenal. The white leather looks very good, the blue one-piece thumb looks great with the white, and the red lacing/welting looks great on the white. The huge Adidas thumb logo looks odd (I am not used to Adidas gloves quite yet), and Puerto Rican flag looks good and is a nice tribute to Correa’s homeland.

I am guessing this is something Correa is not going to use, instead it will be something that he uses sparingly. I am guessing that he just got it to try out for fun instead of something that he was testing out to decide whether he would switch his glove contract.

Overall, the glove looks nice, but Adidas does not offer anything like it for you to buy. Since Adidas is so new to the glove game, they do not offer many models, let alone custom models like Carlos Correa’s Adidas Glove.


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  1. Hi, How can I purchase this Adidas glove? I will love to get this glove for my son. Thanks


    August 16, 2020 — 5:49 am

    It’s so nice, Can i order with my customization?

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