Bryce Harper’s 2017 Gloves

We all know Bryce Harper has some swag when it comes to the glove game, but this year he took it to another level. Check out Bryce Harper’s 2017 Gloves:

Bryce Harper's 2017 Gloves

Wow, look at those beauties. Let us zoom in:

Bryce Harper's 2017 Gloves

This one looks a lot like the one he used last year with minor changes, including that web that tells everyone who’s glove this is. That embroidery means “second to none.”

Bryce Harper's 2017 Gloves

This glove is all-camel with “Bryce Harper” in Japanese. I like the red welting and red lacing with the black web.

Bryce Harper's 2017 Gloves

This black and red training glove is pretty sweet. I am not a fan of the basket web, but whatever makes Harper better is good.

Overall, all of Bryce Harper’s 2017 Gloves are sweet. We will see if he ends up using the webs with his initials, but right now we can take a look at these sweet gloves.

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  1. Ok idea, bad execution. The stitching is the web is horrendous, it goes just perfectly with the recent quality issues Rawlings has been having. I understand the web thing is hard to do, but you are assigning your best glove makers to do the job, and they do this? Kinda makes me think Rawlings is going down in quality if they are giving stuff like this to their pro players…especially like a guy like Bryce Harper, where one endorsement could sell tons of gloves.

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