Brandon Phillips’ Glove: Wilson A2K DATDUDE

New team, same glove.

Despite being traded to the Atlanta Braves over the offseason, Brandon Phillips has decided to stick with the same glove that got him through 2016 with the Cincinnati Reds.

This post serves as a guide to Brandon Phillips’ glove, including a look and discussion about its funky pattern, brash colorway, and other information you want to know about his glove.

What does Brandon Phillips’ use?

Put simply, he uses his own game model – the Wilson A2K DATDUDE.

It is a pattern that has endured five MLB seasons and five completely different Wilson Glove lines, with only one thing remaining the same throughout the years: it 11.5” length and I-web.

Although Phillips has constantly tinkered with his own pattern, the last few years prove he seems to be set on a design with a clawed back and a pocket shallower than many middle infield gloves today.

About the Clawed Back

As both Aso and Brandon Phillips note in a YouTube video from a few years ago, Phillips’ clawed back idea represents his outside-the-box swag and his desire to create something unique.

In fact, this design is so unique that Wilson did not even offer anything remotely close to it when Phillips and Aso designed it in 2015, meaning that a traditional pen (more like markers) and paper were required to make a visualization of the design.

About the Shallow Pocket

In an attempt to create something to make him a better fielder, Brandon Phillips added in a request when constructing his new glove: make me a shallower pocket.

Through a combination of flatter fingers and simply a shallower design, Brandon Phillips’ glove has one of the shallowest pockets – even shallower than the 1786 – on the middle infield market.

Brandon Phillips' Glove: Wilson A2K DATDUDE

The Colorway – like the pattern – is one-of-a-kind

Although the unique pattern of Brandon Phillips’ glove stands out a good amount, one can argue that the colorway is even brasher than the pattern.

Forgetting the single-colored gloves (like all-red, all-blue, etc.), there is hardly a glove in the MLB that packs more flash than Phillips’ red/black/saddle tan/white design.

But as he does every single year, Phillips adds in a classier feature – Wilson yellow/black labels – that infuse some simplicity into Phillips’ well thought-out colorways.

What is Snake Skin?

It is not hard to see that there is a visual difference between the look of the saddle tan-colored material on the back of Brandon Phillips’ glove and the other colored leather on the mitt.

All of the colors on the glove are the same material – Wilson Pro Stock Select Leather – but the saddle tan-colored leather area is actually embossed with a texture that is meant to emulate a snake’s skin.

Besides the visual difference between Wilson’s regular A2K leather and Snake Skin, there is a feel difference also: the smooth, buttery feel of the regular leather vs. the rougher feel of Snake Skin from the embossing process.

2017 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

Phillips’ Mitt is available as a Stock Glove

Unlike the typical “it is only available on the custom builder” jargon associated with the vast majority of pros’ gloves, Brandon Phillips’ glove is available as a stock glove.

Because of its easy availability at a price much lower than the ridiculous custom price, Brandon Phillips’ glove is the top option for middle infielders looking to complement their own swag with a glove that is easily the flashiest on the glove market.

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  1. DallasLonghorns22

    June 9, 2017 — 2:20 pm

    I do not like the saddle tan with the red, I liked his model with the black snakeskin better.

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