Brandon Crawford isn’t the type of player who goes through a bunch of gloves; in fact, he used the same exact glove for a few seasons without switching much. So, when the World Baseball Classic rolled around and he pledged to play for team U.S.A., I fully expected him to use his camel and black beauty. Therefore, I was shocked to see Crawford with a glove that is COMPLETELY different from any of his past gloves. Meet Brandon Crawford’s WBC Glove:

Brandon Crawford's WBC Glove

Of course, you need to show your patriotism through your glove, right?

I’m sure we can all agree that Crawford’s USA-themed glove is a dime, but it is way out of character for Crawford to game a glove that is this flashy. Instead of clean designs like mocha/black with camel, Brandon Crawford’s WBC Glove is a mixture of red, white, and blue, with a sprinkle of gold on the labels and the welting/binding. To top it off, there’s an American flag on the web. This glove just screams bald eagles and flags blowing in the wind.

Brandon Crawford's WBC Glove

On another note, Brandon Crawford’s WBC Glove comes in the size he typically uses at short, 11.75″, but with an I-web, contrary to Crawford’s repeated use of the H-web ever since college. But, since he’s not using this glove that much, it really is not a huge deal. In this case, it seems like a looks over function kind of deal. Either way, it’s pretty obvious Crawford would be able to handle himself very well in the field with almost any glove.

I can’t wait to see Crawford start flashing this flashy leather as the U.S.A. starts rolling through the WBC.