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The 5 Best Third Base Gloves for Your Hard Earned Money

So you’re a third basemen looking for a new glove…

And you’re probably going through page-after-page, website-after-website looking for your next glove. But all these different gloves are confusing you. Maybe even annoying you.

And the truth is…

You’ve found some awesome mitts. Maybe even some you’d love to buy.

But you’re also afraid that you won’t like the glove after getting it in the mail. Even scared that your new glove won’t feel as perfect as your last one.

You certainly don’t want that. So here’s a list of the best third base gloves your money can buy you – and even which glove is perfect for your playing style at the hot corner.

So whether you’re a smaller guy, a bigger guy, or a guy who plays more than third base, there’s definitely a glove(s) for you on this list:

5. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSKB17

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSKB17

It was the most popular gloves a few years ago. It’s the Game Model of one of the best third basemen in the league. And now it’s one of the best gloves for you at the hot corner.

This glove is the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSKB17, the Kris Bryant Game Model and one of the best looking gloves on the market.

With a length of 12.25”, an H-web and deep pocket, the PROSKB17 is one of the bigger and heavier gloves for third base.

But the truth is…

If you’re a bigger guy (kind of like Bryant himself), this is the perfect glove for you at the hot corner.

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4. 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series – 574 Pattern

44 Pro Gloves Signature Stock Series 574 Pattern

Value’s the name of the game for 44 Pro Gloves, and their mitts deliver a whole lot of value for their lower price ($184.99).

And not only do you get to customize the colors and get your name on the glove, you get to make a glove that is perfect for third base.

And the best pattern 44 Pro offers is the 574 pattern, a pattern that mimics the 200 pattern from Rawlings (the best one for third base, scroll down).

I’d recommend either the 11.75” or 12” variant of the 574 pattern, as these sizes will give you the reach and glove control you need at hot corner.

So while you’d have to drop a lot of dough to get the other gloves on this list, you can get a fully customized third base glove for less than $200.

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3. Wilson A2000 1787

Wilson A2000 1787 (2018)

Most of the gloves on this list are great for third base, but suboptimal for other positions on the diamond. That’s simply not the case with the Wilson A2000 1787.

Measuring at 11.75” with a medium depth pocket, the 1787 is a top-notch glove for not only third base, but also shortstop and second base, too.

So whether you play anywhere on the infield dirt or only third base, the 1787 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a glove that doesn’t have a super deep pocket and is easy to control.

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2. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12-1KBP

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12-1KBP

The I-web and H-web are awesome web options for third base. But the truth is, their too boring for some people. And if that’s you, here’s a fun option for the hot corner.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12-1KBP comes with a single post web, which lets you form your perfect pocket depth with more ease.

Because the H-web and I-web are relatively tough to stretch out too much, the Single Post offers a ton of flexibility for you at third base.

And the glove itself is sweet, too. With a 12” length and the aforementioned pocket depth, this glove has the perfect form and specifications for you at third base.

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Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB

This wasn’t a hard choice at all. When there’s a glove that’s simply built for the position of third base, it’s destined to hold the top spot on ‘Best Third Base Gloves.’

This glove is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB, a 12” glove with an H-web and deep pocket depth. It is built with durable and top-notch materials, as well.

These specifications, in addition to the perfect shape of the 206 pattern, make this glove the best option for you at third base. It’s pleasing to the eyes, too.

So no matter what kind of third basemen you are, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB is the best glove you can get for third base.

And if you buy this glove, it’s only a short matter of time before you’re making Gold Glove-esque plays at the hot corner.

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