What are the best Second Basemen gloves?

To find the 10 best second basemen gloves, I took some data on the pros’ gloves- the best second basemen in the World. Using data on their gloves’ webs, sizes, and brands, I was able to come up with a list of the 10 best second basemen gloves.

The Data

The data driving this case study is from the pro second basemen. They are using their gloves eight-to-nine months a year, so obviously they are choosing something they trust, something they like. You can view the MLB second basemen paired with their gloves’ web, size, and brand in a table on the MLB Second Basemen Gloves page.

Analysis of the Data

I created a bunch of infographics to display the data. These charts are easy on the eyes, and most importantly, show all of the data I need to create the list.

Glove Lengths

mlb second basemen glove sizes

Second basemen need a glove with a shallow pocket – despite what size glove that means. However, MLB second basemen chose gloves sizes that are bigger than what I was used to seeing among second basemen. 11.5″ has the most users by far, followed by sizes .25″ smaller and bigger. Obviously, some second basemen like smaller gloves, while some like bigger gloves, but it all centers around 11.5″.

Glove Webs

mlb second basemen web usage

Second basemen want a glove that has a super shallow pocket for quick transfers. Therefore, the MLB second basemen chose webs that are very shallow: with the I-web just dominating the field, the Mod trap and one-piece web making appearances, and the deeper H-web and single post webs are somewhat popular. The I-web is probably the shallowest here, and therefore the most popular among MLB second basemen.

Brand Usage

mlb second basemen glove brands

No surprise here. The two big dogs, Wilson and Rawlings, match each other in number for MLB second basemen. However, you can see that more brands make an appearance: Mizuno, Marucci, and Nike. No surprise with Mizuno here, but Nike and Marucci are kind of a shock.

Examining the Patterns

These companies love to make it hard to nail down models, offering many different models, almost too many to choose from. Good thing the Pro second basemen make it easy to know what pattern they are using, and I made a chart of the pattern usage:

mlb second basemen pattern usage

No surprise that the Rawlings 200 pattern and Wilson 1786 patterns are popular. All of the patterns named next to a brand are available in 11.5″. Once I got to the patterns from the other brands, it got a bit trickier to track them down to see if they are available.

The 10 Best Second Basemen Gloves

BONUS: Wilson A2K 1716T

Aso's Lab Wilson A2K 1716T

As a bonus, I threw in this Wilson A2K 1716T, the model used by Jose Altuve. This model is sick, but not available anymore. Check back in August to see it as a stock glove.

10. Nike Sha|Do Elite J 11.25″

Nike Sha|Do Elite J 11.25

This is the closest model to Ian Kinsler’s Glove, a custom Nike Sha|Do. This is 11.25″, has a super shallow pocket, has this sick web, and is one of the best gloves on the market, but you pay for it.

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9. Wilson A2K DATDUDE

2017 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

This is the same model that Brandon Phillips wears. At 11.5″, it is a funky pattern, mostly because it plays really shallow, is not super wide, and has the clawed back.

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8. Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-4K

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS200-4C

Two second basemen wear this pattern/web combo: Whit Merrifield and Jason Kipnis. This pattern is 11.5″, and has a modified trapeze web that plays shallow but is very flexible.

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7. Marucci Founders Series 11.25″

Marucci Founders' Series 11.25"

This is the same exact model as Chase Utley wears and designed. At 11.25″, it is the smallest glove on this list, but has a shallow pocket, perfect for quick transfers. In terms of quality, Marucci gloves are great.

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6. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSNP2-2C

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSNP2-2C

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSNP2-2C is an 11.25″ model and has a super flat and shallow pocket. The NP2 pattern is small and flat, and closes thumb-ring finger. The I-web makes a sweet, yet shallow, pocket.

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5. Wilson A2K 1786

2017 Wilson A2K 1786

The Wilson A2K 1786 is a great model for the middle infield: the pattern is just sweet. Shallow pocket, good width, and god fit – the 1786 pattern has it all.

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4. Wilson A2K DP15

2017 Wilson A2K DP15

The Dustin Pedroia model is 11.5″ and has a tighter wrist and shallow pocket. I have found this newer pattern to be amazing: wide and shallow, perfect for the middle infield.

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3. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS202B

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS202B

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS202B is a 11.5″ model and the 200 pattern/I-web combination that is quite popular among MLB second basemen.

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2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP4-2B

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP4-2B

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP4-2B is the 11.5″ NP model that has flat fingers and a shallow pocket. Expect a thumb-ring break-in, as the NP4 is a bear to break-in thumb-pinky.

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1. Wilson A2000 1786

Wilson A2000 1786

The 1786 is a great pattern: it is shallow, just wide enough, and has a great fit. The popularity of the pattern among MLB second basemen show how good this pattern is, hence its high ranking.

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Final Conclusions

These models all have what a second basemen want: a shallow pocket, good length, and high quality. Choose a glove from the list based on the description and by the looks, and you will have the perfect second basemen glove for YOU.


Wow… That was awesome! I’m not a second baseman and I still found this awesome! Please do a similar one with pitcher gloves. Or how web popularity through history!

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