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Aso’s Lab Wilson A2K 1716T | Specs and Testimonials

Aso's Lab Wilson A2K 1716T

After gathering information, talking to some owners, viewing pictures, and watching some videos of the Wilson A2K 1716T, we bring you this article detailing everything about the glove.

First, an explanation into the release of this glove. Originally, the pattern (and in this exact colorway) as made for Marwin Gonzalez. When teammate Jose Altuve saw his glove, he needed to have it. Altuve’s popularity as a player led to many people seeing his glove, and later led to the release of the Wilson A2K 1716T.

Aso's Lab Wilson A2K 1716T

In almost all aspects, the Wilson A2K 1716T pattern is different from the typical Wilson patterns. Unlike another 11.5″ infield pattern, the 1786, the 1716T is deeper, wider, and closes differently than the 1786.

The differences come from how the pattern is constructed. Like the new DP15 pattern, the 1716T pattern has an extra hinge on the pinky and a notch between the index and middle fingers. The hinge on the pinky creates a wider pocket, and the notch between the fingers makes a deeper pocket.

Combining the hinge with the T-web with cut leather makes the 1716T arguably the deepest infield glove that is on the market. And when I mean deep, I mean super deep. If you are interested in how deep it plays, check out this video.

As for the close, the 1716T pattern closes naturally thumb-to-pinky, even if you go traditional grip. And unlike most Wilson infield patterns, the 1716T pattern has a distinct squared-off heel that stays flat during the close.

So far, people love the pattern. Although an infielder typically wants a shallow pocket, nobody has complained about the deeper pocket of the Wilson A2K 1716T.

Aso's Lab Wilson A2K 1716T

To many, the materials on the Wilson A2000 1716T are the best Wilson has put out. Although this was a stock A2K model, the general opinion from owners was that the “Pro Stock Select” leather just felt better than any other A2K, possibly even Pro Issue quality. Judging from the photos, the leather looked smooth, thick, and amazing.

Owners also said they loved how the Wilson A2K 1716T looked. The blonde and black colorway is classic, yet Wilson fused the colors together perfectly. The blonde cut leather in the web was a phenomenal touch as well. The blonde looks great new, put gets dirty fast after some use.

Aso's Lab Wilson A2K 1716T

As part of a release as an Aso’s Lab glove, the Wilson A2K 1716T had to be different. And boy was it different. Not only was the pattern different, but a special box with a glove stand ships with each order. Also, each glove comes with Aso’s signature (stamped) on the pinky of the glove to signify that it came from the Aso’s lab program.

The second part of the Aso’s lab program is the limited quantities. Although we do not know an exact number that were released, the Wilson A2K 1716T was very limited. And, since a lot of people wanted one, the limited numbers of Wilson A2K 1716T glove sold out in only a few days, making it unavailable as of now.

But, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The key word here is patience, as a few 1716T models will be coming out in the 2018 glove line that releases in August of 2017. Around that time, this pattern will also go up on the custom builder.

Until then, Wilson A2K 1716T’s will be tough to find. But, if you are 1716T crazy, I would suggest checking out Jose Altuve’s Wilson A2K 1716T gamer and Jose Altuve’s Wilson A2000 1716T warmup glove.

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