Typically, we link Andrew McCutchen with Nike. He has been a sponsor for years, and that included wearing their gloves. This year, Andrew McCutchen’s Glove made the switch to Rawlings in the glove department, specifically a custom Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6KB.

McCutchen kept it simple, unlike his past Nike models. It is a black leather design with yellow lacing, white stitching, and Vegas gold embroidery. But, like they say, simplicity is beauty. And, thanks to McCutchen’s Gold Glove win a few years, he was able to get gold labels on his first Rawlings gloves. Pretty dope if you ask me.

Andrew McCutchen's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6KB

McCutchen ditched the trapeze web that he has been using the past few years for the H-web. In fact, this is a totally different pattern from McCutchen’s Nike, which was a round pocket design, while the 303 pattern glove he is using now is very flat. He must have liked the 303-6 a lot, as he roamed the outgrass with it all of this year.

Andrew McCutchen’s Glove is a simple yet gorgeous glove that matches team colors. He liked this glove so much that he ended up using it the whole year without going back to his Nike. All in All, McCutchen seems to have found a new glove family in Rawlings.