Today, we are looking at Andrelton Simmons’ Gloves. You know that he uses Mizuno, but this year I found Simmons using a Wilson A2000 as well. Here are the two gloves Andrelton Simmons used in 2016:

Andrelton Simmons' Gloves

Now, let’s go over each of these gloves in a little more detail:

Game Glove: Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400AX

Simmons’ game glove is a tan Mizuno Pro Limited with an Axiom cut wrist. According to our shortstop’s study, Simmons was one of four shortstops to use Mizuno gloves.

Andrelton Simmons' Gloves

His Mizuno model is sweet – 11.5″, tan colorway, with an I-web. However, there is not an 11.5″ axiom cut wrist available, instead there is only an 11.5″ Mizuno Pro Limited with a standard wrist.

Glove of Unknown Status: Wilson A2000 1786

Andrelton Simmons used this glove, a custom Wilson A2000 1786, for only one game. Whether he borrowed it or this is Andrelton Simmon’s backup glove, this glove is sweet, but I am not sure what Simmons has it for. Here is the design:

Andrelton Simmons' Gloves

The Wilson builder does not show gunmetal gray very well, but the back is gunmetal gray. The gunmetal with red and black is fire and unique.

My thinking is that this was just a one day gamer. Maybe Simmons forgot his game glove and could not run back and get it. Either way, he DID use a Wilson, and as you can see, there is pictorial evidence.

Other Thoughts: Gloves Simmons Had and Did Not Use

I found it funny that Mizuno posted this picture on their Instagram during spring training:

Andrelton Simmons' Mizuno Pro Limited Gloves

…but Simmons used neither of these gloves. Although the tan one is close to his game glove, the wrist is a bit different. That navy model is beautiful, but was never used by Simmons.

I cannot wait to see what Simmons has cooking up for next year.