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Alex Bregman’s Glove: Custom Marucci Founders Series

Alex Bregman’s Glove is simply beautiful. Bregman’s combination of a camel base, black welting/binding/lacing, and black/white logos is simply gorgeous and easy on the eyes.

Aside from the colorway, his mitt measures at 11.75″ with a single post web. This size/web combination creates a deeper pocket that is perfect for scooping shots at the hot corner.

Fielding these hot shots also requires a durable glove. Bregman entrusts Marucci’s top line, the Founders’ Series, and enjoys the durability and lightweight feel of his glove’s Kip Leather.

However, he is one of few Marucci users on MLB infield dirt, but his star status and beautiful glove(s) should grow the Marucci brand to a future powerhouse.

Although an exact replica of Bregman’s glove is unavailable as a stock glove, Marucci has other clean Founders’ Series models at this link. You can also customize your own Founders’ Series glove here.

Enjoy more photos of the mitt:

Featured Image Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America, Glove Images via @MarucciSports.

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  1. Victor Richardson September 22, 2017

    Love the classic black and camel look of this glove

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