Just like any ballplayer, Addison Russell knows when to retire a glove. After a long stint with his bruciatto and camel gamer, he retired it for something flashier.

He definitely got his money’s worth (not actually, because he did not pay for the glove) with his first gamer. Taking a look at this picture shows the wear on the glove:

That picture was taken on May 13, 2016, and was one of the last times Russell used this bruciatto and camel glove, a Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS17ICBR (currently unavailable).

You can see the dark finger stain on the glove, as well as some color fade and dirt build up on the leather. Russell knew it was time to get a new glove, so he upped his glove game to something better:

Addison Russell's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-2BCWT

Look at that camel beaut. The above picture is from the 2016 World Series, and the camel shows only a slight amount of wear. Not too bad for a glove used over half of the season.

I really like the looks of this glove. The red, camel, navy, and black (on the palm) look just amazing. I am quite shocked as well that Russell would make this switch from just a stock model (his first gamer) to a full-out custom that would become a stock model (available here).

The model number on his newer gamer is PROS205-2BCWT. More on the model number in a bit.

Some Thoughts on Addison Russells’ Gloves

Addison Russells’ Gloves have some continuity, some things that are the same on each one. It does not have to do with the colorways, but instead a few other features dealing with the pattern.

Although Addison Russells’ Gloves have different model numbers, they are the same exact pattern. Both come from the 200 pattern, a popular pattern that comes in sizes ranging from 11.5″ to 12.25″. Russell went for the 11.75″ size on both of his gloves, something that shortstops are transitioning to. Russell must like the Wingtip back, as he used Wingtip patterns on both models.

There are a couple possibilities for why Russell likes the Wingtip back so much. First, he could like the softer feel of the Wingtip back, as he goes finger out grip. Second, he might like the form of a Wingtip better. The form you get on a Wingtip is different, and it also gives you a little more flexibility on how you can form your glove. I am going to go out on a limb and guess he likes both of these features, although I can not guarantee.

Russell also went with Pro Preferred’s on both of his gamers. I can see his bias for a lighter, higher quality glove (versus the Heart of the Hide) and probably like the feel of the Kip leather and super soft Pittards liner. Considering he uses his glove everyday, he wanted something he likes and something that will make it through a few years.

Final Thoughts on Addison Russells’ Gloves

I expect to see at least one (if not more) years of Russell using his current gamer, the camel/red/navy/black Wingtip. He seems to like hanging on to his gamers for some time and must take care of them well.

I like the camel/red/navy/black model better than the bruciatto/camel one. The camel is just so clean, and the other colors add some flare. Which one is your favorite?

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