Why is Addison Russell’s Glove so popular? Maybe because it is one of the sweetest gloves on the planet right now. Take a look:

First of all, this glove looks great. Russell went with the camel, navy, black, and red combo. Rawlings’ camel leather is as clean as it gets (just look at it, it just looks stunningly good). Adding in red in the web, welting, and binding was a great touch, and the navy lacing and black palm add some more flare to this glove.
Addison Russell's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-2BCWT
As you can see, Russell uses the Wingtip back pattern. He seems to like it, and it probably has to do with the way he forms his glove. The Wingtip back allows you to form the fingers how you want, so he probably forms them a little differently. Let him do what he does, he’s not a Gold Glove Finalist for no reason.
Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-2BCWT
The official model number of Addison Russell’s Glove is PROS205-2BCWT, meaning it is a Pro Preferred. Russell’s glove is 11.75″, which seems to be the norm at short nowadays. I should also note that Rawlings now sells this as a stock glove, and was able to feel it. It felt like heaven, it was comfortable, the leather felt so nice, and it looked amazing.

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For your viewing pleasure, I will leave you with his defensive highlights from this year. By the way, he is a Gold Glove Finalist, so it is definitely worth a watch.