Get yourself ready to see the coolest outfield glove on the planet. It is Adam Jones’ Gold Glove, a glove made for Jones for the All Star Game and is now his warm-up glove.

Adam Jones Gold Glove

Wow. Look at that thing of beauty. First looks show a Rawlings glove with what looks like gold and black leather. Here is a better look at the glove:Adam Jones Gold Glove

Yep, that is gold leather. Specifically, a Japan Tanned black leather shell and a gold backing. Pretty sweet. Jones added some flare to the gold with the ’10’ on the index finger and orange lacing. The gold labels add more shine to already¬†one of the shiniest gloves.

Jones also wanted ‘PROAJ10’ stamped as the model number. He got his wish, and he also got his name on the glove. Here is a better look:

Adam Jones Gold Glove

Of course, Adam Jones’ Gold Glove is not complete without a custom palm logo and gold stamping. It is pretty sweet, and you can get a look at it below:

Adam Jones Gold Glove

Unfortunately, Rawlings does not sell this glove or any glove like it. The gold backing, labels, and custom palm logo are all features Rawlings only offers to certain players. For now we can only drool over having a glove like this.

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(Featured image and top photo via Keith Allison/Flickr)