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Aaron Sanchez’ Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro

We all know Marcus Stroman and his sweet custom Nike gloves due to his huge social media presence, but what about Aaron Sanchez’ Glove? He uses a pretty sweet Nike Diamond Elite Pro. Here is what it looks like:
Aaron Sanchez' Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro
Nike tan leather is absolutely sweet. It is some of the best tan leather I have seen from any company so far. It’s beautiful. The blue laces add a Blue Jays feel to the glove and go really well with the tan leather. The white and blue are fire. Here is a picture of Sanchez using his glove:
Aaron Sanchez' Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro
If you are able to see it, the back of the glove looks a little bit different than leather. That’s suede. Suede is popular among some pitchers because it is light and looks and feel somewhat like leather. This is the first time I’ve seen Nike suede, but I’m sure it’s not the last time.
Aaron Sanchez' Glove: Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro
Unfortunately, Nike doesn’t sell a Diamond Elite Pro model to the public, let alone a custom. We all should wish Nike did, because the Kip leather on the DEP’s is super nice and the patterns are great for the specified positions. For now, we can awe at how nice this glove looks.

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