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6 Outfield Gloves that are Perfect Gifts for Christmas

Outfielders are not too hard to shop for. They usually like classic looking gloves with some simple web styles, like H-Webs and trapeze webs, making picking out a model seem easy. However, it really isn’t.

Companies permeate the market with many different styles of gloves, more than we can buy or even think about buying. Therefore, we have chosen the best six models based on quality and popularity on most price ranges that buyers like you would have.

Expect for your child/friend to be delighted at the models we are going to show you, as not only do they look great, they feel great and last a long time. Here we go:


At the $300+ price range, you will find some of the best gloves money can buy. With the Wilson, you can expect a high-quality, thick steerhide leather glove. With the Rawlings, you get a lightweight Kip leather glove. Comparing quality is tough, but they are different gloves overall, so pick the one that fits you best.

Wilson A2K KP92

Wilson A2K KP92

The Wilson A2K KP92 is a great choice for any outfielder. At 12.5″, it provides great length and control while roaming the outgrass. Another reason I picked this specific model is the modified trapeze web. It makes a deep, secure pocket that can really snag snowcone catches. Do not forget that this looks great as well, it is easily one of the best-looking outfield models and is great quality. Get it here.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6C

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6C

Rawlings’ famous 12.75″ 303 pattern comes in this sweet camel and black colorway. The great length and H-Web make this PROS303-6C a great option. Expect one of the highest quality gloves on the market. Get it here.


At the 200+ price range, you will find very good models, while not as good as the $300+ models, are still very good and proportional in price. My pick out of this group would be the Mizuno, as it is over 50% discounted and easily one of the best gloves on the market. However, if you are an H-web fan, take your pick of the Rawlings or Wilson.

Mizuno Pro Limited GMP700

Mizuno Pro Limited GMP700

Mizuno’s Pro Limited 12.75″ trapeze web model is great for a reason: long, deep pocket, good length, and amazing quality. Put one on your hand and you will know. The Pro Limited, at this discounted price, is one of the best values on the market. Get it here.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303-6JBT

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303-6JBT

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO303-6JBT is a great choice because of the classic colorway, great 12.75″ 303 pattern, and H-web that makes a great pocket. Get it here.

Wilson A2000 1799

Wilson A2000 1799

Wilson’s 1799 pattern is great for the outfield: at 12.75″, it has enough length for snowcone catches, and the H-web makes a perfect pocket. In blonde, this model is sweet to look at as well. Get it here.


At this price range, I would recommend one glove: a custom 44 Pro Gloves. Why? Because it offers a great value and I can not say any other gloves that retail for this price are as good and are pretty good quality.

Custom 44 Pro Gloves

custom 44 pro gloves

44 gives you many options to choose from, including a variety of different outfield-specific webs and any size you would like. Start customizing here.

Final Thoughts

All of these options are great picks, and the outfielder receiving any of these gloves will be so happy seeing this. If you are still stuck on which one to get, you can email me at and I will help you out.

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