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44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove (Black, 11.5″ Single Post)

Introducing a glove that I thought would never make its way back onto the market – the 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove – due to the fact that 44 Pro is a custom-first company.

However, a 44 stock glove is back, and this post serves as a guide to discussing all of the features on this bad boy.

44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove (Black, 11.5" Single Post)

The Pattern is Perfect for the Middle Infield

Just like the glove this 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove is modeled after, the Rawlings PRO200-1, this mitt measures in at 11.5” and features a single post web.

And, also like the 200-1, this stock 44 has a shallow pocket that is best fit for use in the middle infield, as it should help you make the quick transfers needed on many plays at short or second.

However, this glove also has another feature that is worth noting: gill lacing on the thumb and pinky. While this style of lacing is a sick look, its only benefit is holding the inserts a little snugger in their spot.

44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove (Black, 11.5" Single Post)

Despite its Simplicity, the Colorway is Dope

The colorway on 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove is rather simple – it combines black, tan, and red into one design – yet I think the look of tan lacing and red embroidery looks mean on the all-black leather.

Despite its simplicity, the design on this glove will look great after tons of use due to the black leather that is known to hold its dye extremely well. So, while that red or blue glove may look cool when you get it, there is hardly anything that will still look nice after many seasons of use.

The Signature Series is an Awesome Value

The Signature Series is 44’s top model, combining a mixture of Kip leather, Tennessee tanning lacing, and a lambskin model to make a great value at this $179.99 price tag.

This sounds great on paper, but the fact that the materials actually deliver on the words I just typed makes this glove a unique blend of high-quality materials and lower price.

While the Kip leather may not be as good as the Kip on Rawlings’ Pro Preferred line, it still has many of the same features: smooth feel, lighter weight, and long-term durability.

In addition, the lacing and liner are top-notch not only for gloves in this 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove’s price range, but of all gloves. The lacing is somewhat flexible but holds its durability over time, and the lambskin liner is about as soft as some of the other top-rated liners.


It is hard to beat the unique blend of great materials and lower price, especially when you are a middle infielder looking for something that will be perfect up the middle.

Therefore, we recommend the 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series stock glove for shortstops or second basemen looking for a glove with a perfect pattern, dope colorway, and high quality materials that will not break the bank.

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