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44 Pro Gloves Signature Series Stock Glove (Orange Tan, 11.5″, Single Post)

The second installment of 44’s new stock glove series is this 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series, a glove that combines a few exclusive features to make one of the most interesting mitts.

This post serves as a guide to the features of this 44 stock glove, including a look at the Asian-based pattern, exclusive colorway, and other pertinent information about this glove.

The Pattern is based off Gloves from Asia

Unlike the other 44 Pro Gloves stock glove, which was modeled after the Rawlings PRO200-1, this second 44 stock model is modeled after something different: an Asian glove.

While this is surely odd, there are quite a few benefits to the patterns that come out of Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Korea:

For one, the pockets on Asian gloves are super shallow due to flatter fingers), even for your typical 11.5”, single post webbed glove. For the middle infield, a shallow pocket like this is necessary for making quick transfers.

Second, the little notch between the index finger and middle finger help make a rounder pocket than what you usually see out of American gloves. The benefit: the ability to squeeze the glove around the ball much more easily and securely.

Due to these two differences, you get a glove that is shallower than much of its American competition and a pattern that is unique in the states.

44 Pro Gloves Signature Series Stock Glove (Orange Tan, 11.5", Single Post)

The Colorway is exclusive to this Glove

Do not mistake the color of this glove for orange – in fact, the color on this mitt is orange tan (there is a difference between the two). Yes, like the orange tan Wilson manufactures and the orange tan that has seen an upswing in popularity in the past few years.

In addition to the orange tan base of the 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series Stock Glove, the glove has gray split welting (another classic feature) with white embroidery and tan lacing.

And let this sink in – the gorgeous (in my opinion) orange tan color is exclusive this glove and this glove only, meaning you cannot get it through the famed 44 custom builder.

44 Pro Gloves Signature Series Stock Glove (Orange Tan, 11.5", Single Post)

What you must know about the Signature Series

44 has combined a variety of different high-quality materials on their Signature Series to not only make it their top-of-the-line model, but a gradually more respected series in the industry.

First, 44 Pro took a Kip leather – a leather known for its smoothness and lightweight feel – to make sure the base of the glove will be durable over the long run.

Second, 44 took Auburn leather company lace – lace that is smooth, supple, but ultimately strong – to assure you that the glove can hold its shape.

Lastly, 44 recently updated their liner to a lambskin – the same type of material Wilson A2K’s use – to make sure your hand is comfortable inside the glove for an extended period of time.

Combining these equals a glove that is durable and can compete with some gloves a little over its price range.

44 Pro Gloves Signature Series Stock Glove (Orange Tan, 11.5", Single Post)


Therefore, this 11.5” 44 Pro Gloves stock glove with a single post web is an excellent option for a middle infielder looking for one of the shallowest pockets on the market.

With that pattern that is perfect for the middle infield, you also get a good-looking and high-quality, durable glove for a lower price than what other companies charge.

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    I would say just about the same.

  2. Anthony June 6, 2017

    Do you know the Japanese glove play big or smaller than a Rawlings pro200 11.5

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