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New: 44 Pro Gloves Signature Stock Series 12.75″ Orange-Tan

44 Pro Gloves is typically synonymous with custom gloves, but they recently made the decision to release a new stock glove: the New: 44 Pro Gloves Signature Stock Series 12.75″ Orange-Tan. Here are its features:

  • 12.75 inch Outfield Pattern with an H-web, deep pocket, and thumb-to-pinky squeeze. Scroll down for more information on this design.
  • Sweet colorway that mixes a Stock Glove-Exclusive Orange Tan base with gray split welting and white lacing. New: 44 Pro Gloves Signature Stock Series 12.75" Orange-Tan
  • Crafted with 44’s top materials (which are indeed very good), including Japanese Kip Leather and pro stiff finger inserts.

Priced at $179.99, the 44 Pro Gloves Signature Stock Series 12.75″ Orange-Tan is an excellent option if you are looking for a high-value glove to roam the outfield with.

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More on the Pattern: 44 designs their 12.75″ outfield pattern much like Rawlings’ 303: flat fingers, thumb-to-pinky squeeze, and deep pocket. However, 44’s pattern does not have the same squared-off heel that the 303 is known for.

Why this Pattern is Perfect for the Outgrass: Outfielders need a glove with extended length and a deep pocket to corral fly balls, and this glove combines both in an overall good Outfield pattern.

More on the Material Quality: 44’s materials are first and foremost extremely stiff, requiring an extensive break-in process. After that, you get a glove that features high quality materials – durable Kip leather, a plush Sheepskin liner, and top-notch lacing – that will endure multiple seasons.

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