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44 Pro Gloves One-Piece Wrist Officially Released

44 Pro Gloves Signature Series Tan & Bone
The 44 Pro Gloves One-Piece Wrist has been available for a bit of time now (via the Special Instructions), but you know it is official when 44 puts it on their builder. So, the 44 Pro Gloves One-Piece Wrist is officially released. The one-piece wrist looks better than the conventional wrist, at least in my opinion. It just looks clean.

44 Pro Gloves One-Piece Wrist

For comparisons sake, the Wilson A2K also uses the One-Piece wrist design. As for 44 , you are not able to get mesh with a one-piece wrist, and there are four (4) back leather sections to fill out. I can’t wait to see more one-piece wrist designs. Get your own at the link below.

Get your Own

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