Ever dream about the perfect glove?

Maybe your perfect glove has some features that most companies do not offer. So, you just go and sob because you cannot get your dream glove.

44 Pro Gloves is not most companies. Unlike the big dogs (Rawlings, Wilson, etc.), 44 has no boundaries to customization. You want something different? Put it into the special instructions box. Four-to-five weeks later, you get what you wanted, perfectly executed.

One person wanted a full mesh and a wingtip back. Pretty hard to make. However, 44 undertook the task to create this full mesh/wingtip glove, and they nailed it:

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh

Got mesh?

This 44 has plenty o’ mesh. Instead of a simple regular mesh of half mesh back, this glove has a full mesh back, meaning the whole back shell and wrist are covered in the lightweight material.

Let us not speak of the rarity of such an occurrence. Rawlings only offers this kind of full mesh through their exclusive Pro Department. Considering that it takes crazy connections to get a Pro Department glove, full mesh through Rawlings is almost impossible.

So, 44 was able to give this customer something that is extremely hard to get elsewhere, for a fraction of the price. That is where 44 wins, value. Best bang for your buck.

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh

I could go on and on about this glove. The crown tip back is awesome. Again, this is something 44 Pro undertook to see if they could master it and make it an option to get. At the time of this writing, custom Wingtip gloves were not available through Rawlings (custom wingtips are no available).

44 has mastered what they call the “crown tip.” As you can tell through the pictures, the Wingtip back looks sick and the craftsmanship of the back looks great. No crooked welting, and the welting pattern is very comparable to Rawlings’ Wingtip.

Whoever designed this glove has some good taste. I really like the black outer shell with the blonde/camel palm and lacing. The red embroidery and stitching just pops.

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh

It is pretty obvious that I love this glove. The best part of this glove is the price. Although this is loaded with some premium features, the price is only $185, a startling low price for a glove like this.

The Crown Tip is available on 44’s builder , but the full mesh is not. You can include the full mesh request in the special instructions.

Start customizing your own 44 full mesh/crown tip back glove at 44ProGloves.com.

Editors’ Note:

The pretty sweet glove stands you see in the picture are made by Standup Gloves, a group of two guys in the Instagram Glove Community who specialize in making glove stands. Check them out.