44 Pro Gloves Dual Welting: the Definitive Guide

After a seemingly long hiatus from the custom builder, 44 Pro Gloves has added the “dual welting” feature back onto their customizer.

This post serves as a guide to this last reinstallation of dual welting onto the 44 builder, including a discussion of the history of dual welting and 44, the benefits of dual welting, and more.

44 Pro Gloves Dual Welting

History of Dual Welting and 44 Pro Gloves

Just a few months after launching their new Kip leather Signature Series, 44 added dual welting to their impressive amount of options to customize your glove.

However, after a slew of customers thought they would be slick and copy prior Wilson designs, 44 removed the option to avoid any possible conflict with the official baseball glove company of the MLB.

Then, 44 had to endure a long stretch of time when every single social media post was littered with a handful of “Where can I get dual welting?” questions, in which they had to respond that the option was no longer available.

However, today they finally brought back the option to give you, their customer, the most options of any company who creates custom gloves (44 does have the most options).

Although there is no clause that states that you cannot copy a Wilson model, I would advise against doing so in order to save this feature for other users looking to reap the following benefits of dual welting.

Benefits of Dual Welting

Believe it or not, but there is more to dual welting than just the two pieces of leather lining each finger, meaning there are specific benefits associated with a dual-welted glove.

First, the dual welting creates a curved finger design (like many Wilson models) and bowled shape that result in a slightly deeper pocket. However, the effect is not too great and you make a shallower pocket is you so wish.

Second, the extra support along the fingers aids in creating fingers that are more durable so that they will hold their shape over time. While there certainly is an uptick in stability and durability, the overall effect is minimal.

Quality of the Dual Welting

One concern I had with the original 44 Pro Gloves dual welting was that the welting was always very crooked and just looked like it was thrown together.

However, now the dual welting is as straight as line (as it should be) and looks just as good as the other companies that have been producing dual-welted gloves for decades by now (yes, that means Wilson).

More Information

If you want a 44 glove with dual welting, there are two options: either a top-of-the-line Kip Leather Signature Series model ($184.99) or the slightly lower Steerhide C2 model ($154.99).

If I were you, I would definitely consider going with dual welting on your next custom 44 if you feel confident that you would like the benefits this welting style provides.


Customize a 44 Pro Glove with Dual Welting


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  1. Where even is the option to get dual welting. I cannot find it

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