44 Pro Gloves has released another awesome option to put on your custom glove – the Crown Tip. Here’s everything you need to know about the 44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip before you pull the trigger on one:

44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip

1. There is a Purpose

Looks aside (we’ll touch on that later), the Crown Tip has a two serious purposes:

  1. Greater comfort: The Crown Tip successfully aims to rid of any possible abrasion of your finger against the welting that runs down the fingers of a non-Crown Tip glove. You can definitely feel the welting on a non-Crown Tip 44.
  2. Greater Surface Area: Although going finger-out is not a necessity, a 44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip model will allow you to put your finger anywhere on the back of the glove. This is a plus if you put your finger out between the index and middle fingers (I’ve seen it a lot), as most regular gloves feel really uncomfortable if you happen to do that.

2. It Looks Great

Come one now. That Crown Tip design just looks really good-looking. And since there aren’t too many players with Wing Tip gloves on the field, so it is bound to have a few eyes on it and maybe even a few complements.

3. Stamping Options

The “crown” stamping on the Crown Tip area is available in three different options, each of which will match the palm stamping:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Natural Stamping: no color, just a stamp

4. Signature Series Only

As of now, 44 only allows you to customize a Crown Tip model in their highest line of gloves, the Signature series. It is their Kip leather series with a starting price tag of $185.

5. Available Sizes

44 allows you to customize a Crown Tip model in three sizes with any web style:

  1. 11.5″: Great for a middle infielder or even a third basemen that likes smaller gloves.
  2. 11.75″: Good for a shortstop or third basemen.
  3. 12″: Great for a third basemen or even a shortstop who likes a really long glove.

Start customizing your own 44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip model at 44ProGloves.com