While Scrolling through my Twitter, I uncovered something interesting: a 44 Pro Glove Nike Diamond Elite Pro Remake. 44 will pretty much do anything for you, so there is no surprise that they were able to make a pretty darn good remake of a Nike DEP. Check it out:

44 Pro Glove Nike Diamond Elite Pro Remake

The now-owner and customizer of the glove said he wanted a glove that was just like Roy Halladay’s from a few years back. Halladay’s glove had black leather, mesh, and camel gills, just like the 44 remake. Check it out:

Roy Halladay Glove
Source: Philliedelphia.com

How did 44 do? I think they did superbly well without copying every single feature. They were able to do the half mesh back, put gill lacing on the thumb (in camel), remake the web (without the lacing in the middle of the web, though), and have the one piece wrist with a traditional patch logo on the thumb and an embossed logo on the wrist.

Just like we have said before, 44 will make a custom web just for your glove. They went ahead and copied the web on Halladay’s glove, a basket web that only Nike is known for. However, Nike had a special lacing pattern in the middle of the web that 44 did not copy. Check out the web:

44 Pro Glove Nike Diamond Elite Pro Remake

I think 44 did a good job. Let me know all of your thoughts on this glove in the comment section, and if you are ready to buy, you can order one at 44progloves.com.


You’re spot on when you say “44 will pretty much do anything for you”. At the moment I’m waiting on my first 44, I picked a classy colorway(all tan with black logo and name embroidery) but the neat thing is that they were able to replicate the Rawlings style basket connector web, which I guess is a pretty basic web design, but it makes you wonder how far the customization can go! Also great read, this has become one of my favorite websites!

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