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2018 Wilson A2000 RC22: Same Specifications, Better Colorway

The 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22 is the latest version of the Robinson Cano Game Model and continues it legacy as one of the flashiest & best middle infield gloves on the market. Here is what you need to know about it:

Quick Take: 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

What it is: An 11.5" middle infield model with a shallow pocket, black/mariner green colorway, and Super Skin back that is built with high quality materials.


The 1786/RC22 Pattern is Ball Gloves Online's favorite for the middle infield. 


A good-looking design that makes the most of black and mariner green.

Material Quality

A2000 Materials plus Super Skin equals a high quality and durable mitt. 


Despite a rather hefty price tag, A2000 gloves are worth the investment. 

Summary: The 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22 is a great middle infield model for those who like the black and mariner green look and see the value and worth in this high quality mitt.

Read below for our full guide on the 2018 A2000 RC22 that includes details on the above categories. 

2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

Complete Guide: 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

Pattern: The RC22 pattern is a remake of the popular 1786 pattern, which measures 11.5 inches and features both an I-web and shallow pocket. It is Ball Gloves Online's favorite pattern for shortstop or second base.

Colorway: Like past RC22 models, the 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22 features a black and mariner green colorway. However, this design slightly differs from past ones and honestly looks better.

Super Skin: The back of the 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22 is made out of a synthetic material known as Super Skin, which makes this glove slightly lighter and slightly more durable. 

Material Quality: This glove is built with Wilson's top-notch and extremely durable A2000 materials, including Wilson's proprietary Pro Stock Leather.

Recommendation: The 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22 is a perfect model for middle infielders looking for a flashier, lighter-feeling glove that will last many seasons of use. 

Robinson Cano's Glove: 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

Spec Sheet: 2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

Product Name




Glove Series, Price

A2000, $259.95

Length, Web Style‚Äč

11.5 Inches, I-web


Middle Infield: SS and 2B

Throwing Hand(s)

RHT Only


Super Skin back

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