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2018 Wilson A2000 1786SS

5 Things to Know about the 2018 Wilson A2000 1786SS:

  • The 2018 Wilson A2000 1786SS is an 11.5 inch glove with an I-web and shallow pocket. This pattern, the 1786, is considered by many to be the best middle infield pattern on the entire market.
  • Has a colorway of silver, black, gray, and brick red. Silver, the base color of the 2018 1786SS, has not been used since the 2014 Wilson GOTM October.
  • Features a Super Skin back, which makes the 1786SS both lighter and stronger. Compared to all-leather gloves, the 1786SS will weigh about 10-15% less. 
2018 Wilson A20000 1786SS (2)
  • Built with Wilson's renowned A2000 materials, including durable Pro Stock Leather (an American Steerhide), that will hold the glove's shape for many seasons.
  • Requires a solid break-in period (comes about 50-60% broken-in), meaning you get the form this mitt to your liking. In addition, this longer break-in time equates to a longer lasting glove.

Recommendation: The 2018 Wilson A2000 1786SS is perfect if you are looking for a lighter-feeling middle infield glove that will assuredly last you a few seasons. Price: $259.95.

Spec Sheet: 2018 Wilson A2000 1786ss

Product Name 

Product Number/SKU 


Glove Series/Price

A2000, $259.95


Middle Infield: Shortstop or Second Base

Length/Web Style

11.5 inches, I-web

Throwing Hands

Right-Handed Throw Only


Features Super Skin Backing

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