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2018 Wilson A2000 1786

When looking for a new middle infield glove, it is hard to go wrong with the highly-rated 2018 Wilson A2000 1786 that combines multiple features that are ideal for shortstop and/or second base:

If you are a middle infielder willing to spend $259.95 on a truly worthy, high quality glove, we fully recommend that you buy the 2018 Wilson A2000 1786 as your next glove.

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2018 Wilson A2000 1786


More on the 1786 Pattern: Wilson’s 1786 pattern comes with a semi-bowled, symmetrical shape that makes for an awesome pocket and comfortable hand position. Because of this, the 1786 has received many accolades from Ball Gloves Online, including:

  1. #1 Overall Shortstop Glove
  2. #1 Overall Second Base Glove
  3. #1 Wilson Middle Infield Glove

More on the Material Quality: Wilson’s A2000 materials are known for their top-notch durability, sturdy structure, and smooth feel. You can surely expect your A2000 to withstand multiple seasons of use.

Why the 2018 Wilson A2000 1786 is Perfect for the MIF: Shortstops and second basemen need something with solid length, a shallow pocket for quick transfers, and a comfortable hand position. The 2018 A2000 1786 has all of the above.

Other Notes: I have yet to speak to someone who dislikes their Wilson A2000 1786 (whether it is a past or present model), proving this pattern/model is truly great.

Excellent Alternatives: Wilson A2000 1786SS (11.5″), Wilson A2K 1786 (11.5″), and Rawlings PRO200 (11.5″)

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