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2017 Wilson A2K and A2000 Catcher’s Mitts: Every Model Described

For the first time in quite some time, Wilson refreshed every single one of their Wilson A2K and A2000 Catcher’s Mitts to more vibrant designs. Also, the arsenal of high quality A2K and A2000 mitts is still available, meaning any catcher will find a perfect catcher’s glove for behind the dish. We break down each of the Wilson A2K and A2000 Catcher’s Mitts by size, form, and other categories that are vital for catchers to know about before pulling the trigger on a new glove:

A2K M1

2017 Wilson A2K M1

The sole A2K catching model is probably the best mitt of the bunch in both looks and durability. At 33.5″, it is a great size for a catcher, and the pattern allows you to keep the form regular or box it. Not to be underappreciated is the blonde and black colorway that stands out in a bland segment of gloves. Lastly, you know what you’re getting with an A2K like this – one of the highest quality gloves money can buy. We found the Wilson A2K M1 to be the best mitt on the market in our article on this glove due to its serious quality that towers above the rest of the crowd.

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2017 Wilson A2000 CM33

The Wilson A2000 CM33 is an underrated model, as it attracted almost zero attention from buyers before the new redesign in the blonde and black colorway. Now that the CM33 looks a whole lot better than before, we can call this 33″ mitt a top catcher’s glove for those backstops that like to keep the form wide. Expect great durability, as well.

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2017 Wilson A2000 PUDGE

The PUDGE has always been a popular model because of its compact size (32.5″) and pattern that takes almost any form you can put on it. With a new redesign that flip-flops the colorway from last year, the PUDGE remains the top catcher’s glove for players who like a smaller mitt for its shallow pocket that allows for quick transfers.

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2017 Wilson A2000 M1SS

Now overshadowed by the A2K M1, the Wilson A2000 M1SS is a model for those catchers who aren’t quite sure what form they like. At 33.5″, it is also a great size for a first time catcher, also, because it’s not too big nor small. Also, the M1SS comes with a Super Skin back that allows for a lighter glove without sacrificing durability, making it easier to frame pitches.

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2017 Wilson A2000 1790

A redesign to the gray and black colorway you see above did not change the core of the Wilson A2000 1790SS – a mitt that is made for a boxed form. At 34″, it is the biggest catcher’s glove Wilson offers, and therefore has the largest pocket, as well. Like the A2000 M1SS, this model has a Super Skin back, which helps shave some weight from Wilson’s largest catcher’s model.

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