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2017 Wilson A2K M1 – The Best Catcher’s Mitt on the Market?

When examining catcher’s mitt, a catcher wants something that is stylish and durable. For 2017, Wilson created something for a serious catcher: the 2017 Wilson A2K M1. Based on everything the A2K M1 packs, we call it the best catcher’s mitt on the market. Let’s explore the reasons behind our thinking:

2017 Wilson A2K M1

The reason we brought up the question “The Best Catcher’s Mitt on the Market?” was because it truly does compete with any of the top tier catcher’s mitts on the market, but we believe it ultimately comes out on top. What does a catcher value most in a glove? Day in, day out durability, and that’s what the M1 brings to the table. Here’s why the M1 squeezes above the competition in durability and is the best catcher’s glove on the market:

Our reasoning is simple – Wilson’s A2K Steerhide and an A2K’s other materials are already durable and fiercely compete with other companies’ materials, but Wilson does something no other companies do – reinforce the pocket with a thin piece of leather underneath the palm . Considering that a catcher’s glove takes a lot of beating during its lifespan, this reinforcement keeps the pocket in tip-top shape and holds its shape better than other companies’ mitts. In short, the materials match up squarely with the competition, but the “Double Palm Construction” (the name for the reinforcement) puts the 2017 Wilson A2K M1 over the top in durability.

2017 Wilson A2K M1

There are two more topics of discussion about the 2017 Wilson A2K M1, the colorway and the pattern. Although the colorway is subjective in every way, a good pattern can really set a mitt from the pack. Let’s examine both:

First, the colorway. The theme of Wilson’s 2017 was blonde and black, the best they have had in a couple of years. Yet, Wilson was able to multiply the beauty by arranging these two classic colors in the best possible way on the M1 – black on the palm and web, blonde everywhere else. Even in an age when everyone wants flashy colors, it’s hard not to like the 2017 Wilson A2K M1.

Secondly, the 2017 Wilson A2K M1 is a 33.5″ pattern from Wilson. Formerly, Wilson used a 32.5″ pattern, the PUDGE on their A2K mitt, and while it sold well, times have changed. Big catcher’s mitts are all the rage (35″ mitts are making a strong push in the market), Wilson bumped the size up on their sole A2K catcher’s glove. With this bump came a new pattern, the M1, which is an inch bigger and can either have a box form or a regular form. The size is just about in the middle for mitt sizes, and add in the plethora of ways to form the M1, and you get a glove any catcher could use.

2017 Wilson A2K M1

If you are a serious, everyday catcher who is willing to spend some money on the best catcher’s mitt on the market, the 2017 Wilson A2K M1 is perfect based on what we have just explained. At $360, it’s pricey, but worth it if you really want the best catcher’s glove on the market.

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If you are looking for a high quality mitt that is a bit cheaper, check out the Wilson A2000 Catcher models.

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