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2017 Wilson A2K DW5

This ‘description’ section serves as a guide to the 2017 Wilson A2K DW5, including a discussion on the pattern, colorway, materials, and other information you need before buying.

David Wright's Glove: Wilson A2K DW5


The Wilson A2K DW5 is the replica of David Wright’s game glove, meaning it measures in at 12” with an H-web and deep pocket. In addition, the DW5 pattern is known for its narrower width and thumb-to-pinky close.

Because of these pattern features, the 2017 Wilson A2K DW5 works best at third base, as third basemen want something with some length to it and something that has a deep pocket. Since the DW5 has both, you will be able to pick at third base easily.

2017 Wilson A2K DW5


Again, the colorway is another aspect of the 2017 Wilson A2K DW5 that matches David Wright’s game glove. The DW5 features are a mix of a bunch of colors – coal (the grayish color), black (on the welting), orange, and blue – that actually look sick together.

Wilson A2K DW5 (2017)


As you can expect from any A2K, the Wilson A2K DW5 has a mixture of high quality materials that make it one of the most durable gloves on the market. From the smooth and stiff leather to the firm yet malleable padding, the DW5 will be able to be used for many seasons before losing its shape and breaking down.

Wilson A2K DW5 (2017)


Because of its combination of a 3rd base-specific pattern, sweet colorway, and top-notch materials, we recommend the Wilson A2K DW5 for third basemen who are willing to pay a high price for one of the most durable gloves on the market.

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