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2017 Wilson A2K DP15 – Review and Specs

2017 Wilson A2K DP15

At first, we were skeptical about the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15. Wilson made changes to the pattern, and we were not sure if we would like them or not. So, we went and tried the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15 out, and we bring you this review based on our use of the glove.

2017 Wilson A2K DP15

The 2017 Wilson A2K DP15 is an 11.5″ glove with Wilson I-web. As before, the DP15 has tighter hand and finger stalls for a snugger fit and a thinner heel. But, the construction of the DP15 was upgraded, and we love it. The changes are as follows:

The New DP15 Pattern

First, Wilson added an extra strand of lace on the pinky hinge to make a wider pocket. Secondly, Wilson added a notch between the index finger and middle finger to create a rounder pocket. And lastly, Wilson added a larger palm overlap, but we are not sure what the benefit of this is.

The Final Results of the Changes

The ultimate product of these changes is a shallower and wider pocket. Considering that I am middle infielders and a shallow and wide pocket is something middle infielders want, I loved the new DP15 pattern. I typically try to flare and widen out gloves when I get them, but the DP15 came wide, and I love it.

The Mechanics/Close

Unlike most Wilson infield gloves (like the 1786), the DP15 comes with a close that is natural thumb-ring/pinky. Although I did not get an extended time with the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15, I believe that you could form the glove thumb-middle finger if that is your thing.

What Stayed the Same

Despite the updates, the tighter wrist and thinner heel/palm are still featured on the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15. The tight wrist (called “Pedroia Fit”) is still the lovely fit that I love, and the thinner heel and palm still allows the feel that both Dustin Pedroia and I love on our gloves.

2017 Wilson A2K DP15

The Quality of the Materials and the Colorway

The DP15 is in a new colorway, but the materials the A2K is famous for are still used on the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15.

Out of the Box

Brand new, the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15 that I felt was not all that stiff. Wilson 3X shaping process had softened the leather a lot. Although this might not seem good, we were told that some other people had squeezed the glove beforehand. Either way, the leather was phenomenal – thick, tight-grained, and smooth. Although the lace was thin in some areas, it felt like it would get the job done.

Long Term Durability

Wilson “Pro Stock Select” leather is very durable over time. The leather on the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15 feels just as good as any other A2K model, so I expect great durability from the DP15. The strong padding and inserts should hold the shape you put on this A2K.

Opinions on the Colorway

This was another area I was skeptical: the colorway. Many people I spoke to did not like it, but I tried to keep an open mind before seeing the glove. When I saw it in person, I was stunned. Despite the bad things I heard about the colorway, I really liked the black/gunmetal/orange tan/saddle tan colorway of the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15.

2017 Wilson A2K DP15

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15. In fact, this glove has shot up my list of favorite gloves. If you lied what you heard in this article, I would suggest buying the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15.

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  1. Victor October 24, 2016

    I think this article might need a slight correction. It seems he also decided that the padding of the original 1787 was indeed a good thing. I recently had this glove in my possession and the heal definitely feels like it’s got some padding. You can just about see it in the pics above as well.

    • ballglovesonline October 25, 2016 — Post Author

      Well, I’m not saying there’s no padding, but there’s minimal padding. Pedroia requests thin padding, so for example, if Wilson used two layers of padding, Pedroia wanted one.

  2. Danny December 8, 2016

    Not sure where Pedroia came up with this design… black/gunmetal doesn’t go with red/navy… Either way this kinda looks cool. I felt one and the pattern is different, not as wide as I would like…

  3. Juan March 3, 2017

    Honestly what are the colors of this glove logos? Orange tan? the web isn’t gun-mental. Looks like grey to me. In that case he’s customized a total 3 colors black, gun-mental, possibly grey; which is impossible to customize in the current Wilson custom shop website.

  4. Jacob April 21, 2017

    I think Victor is right….. I have both DP15 A2Ks 2017 and the red and gray 2016. The 2016 heel is very minimal padding, where the 2017 is extremely bulky for a DP15

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