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2017 Wilson A2K D33

Wilson subtly changed the D33 colorway from 2016 to 2017. Here is the 2017 Wilson A2K D33:

2017 Wilson A2K D33

The 2017 D33 adds more blonde into the glove, which makes it look sweet. Although I wish they had put the blonde on the back welting, it still looks sweet. This colorway fits in nicely with the 2017 Wilson Glove Line. Here’s a palm pic:

2017 Wilson A2K D33

The D33 pattern is in its second year of existence. It is 11.75″ with a Modified Trapeze Loop. The length is great for snagging comebackers. The Modified Trapeze Loop hides your grip and has a deeper pocket. The form shown below is NOT the form that comes on the 2017 Wilson A2K D33. Overall, the D33 pattern is one of the best for the bump, preferred by Pros like Jameson Taillon.

2017 Wilson A2K D33

The A2K line of which this D33 is part of is Wilson’s top line. It features really nice Pro Stock Select leather, which is smooth and durable. You’ll get some cool features, like double palm construction and rolled dual welting. You can view all of the A2K features and a comparison to the A2000 here.

2017 Wilson A2K D33

If you are a pitcher, then the 2017 Wilson A2K D33 is for you. You can get it at the link below.

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