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2017 Wilson A2K 1788

Part of the 2017 Wilson Glove line is the beautiful 2017 Wilson A2K 1788. Here is what it looks like:

2017 Wilson A2K 1788

It’s sweet. The blonde and black colorway looks absolutely sweet. The 1788 wasn’t my favorite colorway last year, but this year is different. The A2K 1788 returns with the cool feature of Super Skin in-between the fingers, which lowers weight by placing Super Skin in places where it won’t be felt. Here is a better look at that:

2017 Wilson A2K 1788

The 1788 pattern is 11.25″ with an I-Web. You’ll see this mostly at 2b, but some shortstops use it as well. The pocket is fairly shallow, and the width is medium. Overall, the 1788 is one of the best 11.25″ infield patterns on the market.

2017 Wilson A2K 1788

This 1788 is part of the A2K line, meaning you get a glove with thick and durable Pro Stock Select leather and some sweet technologies. A thin piece of leather inserted underneath the palm to keep the pocket shape. The A2K doesn’t not come super stiff, as it is pounded a lot in the factory.

2017 Wilson A2K 1788

If you are a middle infielder that likes a smaller glove, this is for you. You can pick up the 2017 Wilson A2K 1788 at the link below.

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