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2017 Wilson A2K 1787

We were able to spend some time with the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787, and oh boy is it nice. New for 2017, this model features everything you would expect from an A2K plus more. It’s gorgeous, too:

2017 Wilson A2K 1787

Based on market research, our own best gloves lists, and our time with the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787, we determined this glove would be most useful at shortstop or third base. Here’s why:


The 1787 just is perfect for shortstop or third base, or even if you play both! The 11.75″ length is great for shortstops that like longer gloves, and is perfect for the hot corner to snag hot shots. The pocket’s good, too, as it’s somewhat deep, allowing you to get the ball out quick at short or make a secure catch at third. Plus, its natural thumb-to-ring finger close works for either TIP or traditional grip, or even if you like to switch (I do).

Recommendation on the Pattern

If you want to join the ranks of studs like Dansby Swanson and Carlos Correa and use the 1787 pattern at short, you’ll like the extra length and the deeper pocket as compared to the Wilson A2K 1786. Of course, if you like smaller gloves at short or shallower pockets, I would not recommend the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787.

If you like a bit of a shallower pocket and a shorter length as compared to 3B models like the Wilson A2K DW5, the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787 will certainly do the trick for you. You could even form a deep pocket with some work, but the length with always stay the same.

2017 Wilson A2K 1787

Based on our short time with the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787 and our conversations with owners, we really like the durability that this glove possesses. Here’s why:


We love Wilson “Pro Stock Select” leather that comes on the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787. This American Steerhide leather is smooth, and based off our use of various A2K’s and our conversations with other owners, we know that this leather is durable, too. Combine this superb leather quality with the ultra soft liner, supple lacing, and formable padding and inserts, and you get one of the highest quality gloves on the market.

Although the materials were thick and durable, the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787 was not stiff at all, and none of the A2K 1787’s are stiff based on our conversations with other people who have used this glove. Thanks to Wilson’s 3X shaping process, this glove only requires a few rounds of catch before you will be able to squeeze the glove and possibly using it in games.

Recommendations on the Materials and Price

For the $360 price tag, you get some of the best materials on the market. When you spend this type of money, you expect a superb quality glove, and from my use of various A2K’s, it’s worth it. Check off at least 2+ years of everyday use before the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787 becomes remotely floppy.

2017 Wilson A2K 1787

Putting it all together, we recommend the 2017 Wilson A2K 1787 for serious shortstops or second basemen who feel like they would like the glove we have described in this piece. We believe the colorway, quality of materials, and the perfection of the pattern will make this your dream game glove if you end up pulling the trigger on it.

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