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2017 Wilson A2K 1786

5 Things to Know About the 2017 Wilson A2K 1786:

  • The 2017 Wilson A2K 1786 is an 11.5" model with an I-web and shallow pocket. This pattern, the 1786, is perfect for the middle infield. 
  • Features a clean blonde and black colorway, matching the other A2K models in the 2017 Glove Line. In my opinion, this is one of the better designs to hit the market.
  •  Crafted out of Wilson's top-notch Pro Stock Select Leather and fortified with Wilson's proprietary Double Palm Construction. The end result: a highly durable mitt that will last many seasons of use
2017 Wilson A2K 1786
  • Comes about 30-40% broken-in, leaving you a considerable amount of time to form the 2017 Wilson A2K 1786 as you wish. See More: Wilson's 3X Shaping. 
  • #1 Ranked Glove on both Ball Gloves Online's "Best Shortstop Gloves" and "Best Second Base Gloves" lists, a testament to this mitt's great features. 

Our Take: I ranked this glove #1 on both of the aforementioned lists for a reason: the 2017 Wilson A2K 1786 has the best middle infield pattern, one of the best colorways, and made out of some of the best materials.

Recommendation: I recommend the 2017 Wilson A2K 1786 for those shortstops and second basemen willing to shell out $359.99 for one of the best (and highest quality) middle infield mitts. 

  • NOTE: The 2017 Wilson A2K 1786 is no longer available, and we recommend checking out the 2018 Wilson A2K 1786 instead. 

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