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2017 Wilson A2000 PUDGE

The new PUDGE has an orange tan and black colorway (Just like before, but refreshed. You can get the outgoing PUDGE for $199.99 here). This glove is sick, and it would sell more if it was a little bigger. The PUDGE is the Ivan Rodriguez game model (Rodriguez was one of the best catchers ever) It is a 32.5″ pattern with that half moon web.

The A2000 is one of the most popular glove series. The A2000 uses Pro Stock leather, which is Wilson famous due to its durability and playability. The A2000 is also known for it Dual Welting that runs up the back of the fingers, which make a curved shape and provide long-term durability. Wilsons’ patterns are known to be the best in the business, as they are designed for both the player and the Pro. Each A2000 will come about 30-40% broken in, so expect a pretty long break-in time, not a problem, as a stiffer glove means higher quality and gives you the chance to form it exactly how you want to. The only complaint buyers have with the A2000 is the lace, which may stretch more easily than other glove lace, but the lace still lasts a long time. The A2000 will cost $249.99 in 2016-2017, no increase from 2015-2016.

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