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2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS

New for 2017, the 2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS is an excellent choice for an outfield glove. There are a few key pieces that earn the 1799SS such high praise, and we’ll get into that in just a sec. First, take a look at the glove:

2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS

Perfect Pattern: The 2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS measures in at a cool 12.75″, a length many players would agree is the best size for someone in the outgrass. It allows you to snatch anything in the outfield without feeling too heavy. Combined with the H-web, the 1799SS will form a deep pocket to make a secure catch. Lastly, the 1799SS comes with a natural thumb-to-ring finger close with two-in-the-pinky grip, just want you want in the outfield.

Super Skin: As you can see in the above picture, the back texture of the 2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS looks slightly different from the rest of the glove. That’s because it is. Instead of an all-leather back, Wilson put their proprietary “Super Skin” on the back of the glove, which we firmly believe makes the 1799 a bit lighter and a bit stronger than its al leather counterpart. If you’re not a synthetic kind of guy, you might not like Super Skin, but it is a lot different from mesh in that it is actually strong.

2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS

Recommendation: We suggest that you choose the 2017 Wilson A2000 1799SS if you like the looks of the 1799, like a 12.75″ glove in the outfield, and want the lighter-yet-stronger Super Skin on the back of the glove. Great durability is a given for the $250 price tag.

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If you are not a fan of the colorway and/or Super Skin, here are some other 1799 options that might fit what you want:

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