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2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS | Review and Specs

2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS

To replace the saddle tan and black 1788SS, Wilson concocted a new and improved gray and black design to go along with the black Super Skin back. This week, I got to feel and use the new 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS, allowing me to write this brief review on the glove to go along with a listing of the specifications.


As an 11.25″ glove with an I-web, the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS is best fit for a second basemen. Generally speaking, we have found that 11.25″ is too small for short in most cases, but very good for second if you dig smaller gloves.


As most 11.25″ gloves do, the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS has a very shallow pocket. Although the 1788SS we felt was not squeezable, we put a ball in the pocket and noticed the shallow pocket, as well as our knowledge of 1788’s. Over time, the pocket still stays shallow, making sure transfers will be lightning quick.


From our knowledge with 1788’s, we know that the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS closes naturally thumb-middle finger. The pattern loves to flex on that pinky hinge, making it essentially a traditional grip glove.

2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS


From viewing photos, we knew that the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS would look good. But, when we first saw the glove, we were blown away by the looks.


New, the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS is stunning. Gray looks 10x better in person than in pictures due to the extra glow that pictures just can’t show. The little bit of red looks fantastic, and the gray/black contrast looks beautiful in person.


Although we didn’t hang on the glove long enough to see the colors used, we have seen a few used 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS’s. The gray will need a lot of care, as gray is typically a color that gets dirty fast, especially on the palm. Besides that, the 1788SS is going to look great with some dirt and use.


As all A2000’s, we expect the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS to have phenomenal durability.

New – Stiffness, Feel

For some reason, every 1788 I have ever felt is very stiff. Maybe it is the small size or some other unknown factor, but the 1788 just comes stiff. Despite the stiffness, we love every other aspect of the materials of the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS new. The leather looked really nice and smooth, the liner was fairly comfortable, and the lace was good enough to get the job done.


Due to the stiffness, 1788’s also have a fairly long break-in time. You need to make sure to take your time to avoid forming creases (been there, done that). However, after use, the materials still hold up very well. The leather does get wrinkly in some areas. but the play is not affected at all. The stiffness also makes the 1788 hold its shape well, also.

Super Skin

Now for a bit of a curveball: the Super Skin. We love Super Skin and everything about it: feel, weight-saving techniques, etc. We really do see a difference in weight between SS and non-SS gloves, and the Super Skin gloves seem to hold their shape very well. New or used, the Super Skin functions the same, and is also water-resistant and easy to clean off.

2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS

Considering what was mentioned in this article, we still believe the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS is a great glove for a second basemen. However, it may be too small for some players. If so, look into the Wilson A2000 1786 as another great option that is a little bigger. But, if you like smaller gloves, the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS is right in your wheelhouse and will be a glove you love for a ton of seasons.

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